CNF Family Farms: Deepwater Farms

Mar 6, 2024

Deepwater Farms was founded in Calgary, Alberta in 2015. It started as a passion project to bring the farm closer to people and people closer to their food. We grow baby greens in an indoor, controlled environment, and sell our produce locally. Unlike field-grown greens, which are subject to harsh growing conditions and a long journey to your plate, our greens are grown for flavour and nutrition instead of durability. 

Deepwater Farms greens are grown in a hydroponic system that delivers the perfect amount of nutrients in an optimal environment, so they don’t struggle to grow which can cause greens to become tough and bitter. Given this perfect environment, and a short drive to the local supermarket, we are able to harvest them at their best which results in beautifully fresh, tender, and tasty salads. 

Their vision is to grow plants that increase the well-being of people and the planet. They are on a mission to provide food that makes people feel good and function well. Deepwater Farms provide agricultural jobs inside the community and accessibility to fresh delicious produce. But most of all they grow trust - your trust - by ensuring your produce is delivered clean, fresh, safe and timely.

Locally Grown Greens

We grow and sell our greens in Calgary all year round. Not just in summer.

Just Picked Freshness

Our farm-fresh produce is grown and delivered within 24 hours of being harvest. Making them taste better and last longer. Our baby greens are grown in a controlled environment 365 days a year, ensuring that we deliver the freshest greens no matter the season.

Pesticide & Herbicide Free

Our greens are grown in a controlled environment that eliminates the need for pesticides and herbicides.

Intense Flavor

You cannot beat the flavor, freshness, and beauty our local greens add to dishes.  A little goes a long way! 

Food Safety

You need to be confident about the safety of the food you serve.  Deepwater Farms is CanadaGAP certified ensuring our products are held to the leading industry food safety standards.

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