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    Can Children Be Low Carb?
    (1) Can Children Be Low Carb?
    High-carbohydrate foods are so ingrained in modern culture that they have become staples at every meal. For many adults, a ketogenic diet seems like something unnatural and impossible to attain. Thinking about children on a low-carb plan seems outright dangerous. But just like adults, all children will reap the rewards from eating real, unprocessed food and cutting down on sugar, wheat and carbs in general. We debunk some myths about children eating low-carb.
    How to Build a Charcuterie Board
    (1) How to Build a Charcuterie Board
    If you’ve ever hosted a party you know there are always nerves – do you have enough food? Do you have enough variety so everyone has something to eat? That’s when party platters come in - they provide food to snack on throughout the night, they look beautiful (when done right) and can accommodate all the diets!
    How Giving Back Can Reduce Stress & Increase Happiness
    (0) How Giving Back Can Reduce Stress & Increase Happiness
    We all know how the Grinch’s Heart grew three sizes when he gave Christmas back to Hoo-ville. But did you know there may be some science and truth behind that story? Discover how giving back to those in need is actually good for your overall well being!
    Chocolate Bark (using ALL BULK ingredients)
    (1) Chocolate Bark (using ALL BULK ingredients)
    Your chocolate cravings just got easier to satisfy! This chocolate bark recipe is not only easy to create, but it's customizable to your desired palette AND all the ingredients come from the bulk area so it's waste free!
    Buckwheat Banana Bread (using ALL BULK ingredients)
    (0) Buckwheat Banana Bread (using ALL BULK ingredients)
    Who doesn't love banana bread? And who doesn't love recipes that include package-free ingredients? All of the ingredients in this recipe can be found in our bulk section.
    Cauliflower Steaks
    (0) Cauliflower Steaks
    A veggie option to a meaty steak! Cauliflower steaks make for a great alternative to your typical steak dinner. Spice them up with herbs & spices from CNF's bulk section to make it a low-waste meal.