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    Bulk VS Packaged Foods - Which is Cheaper?
    (0) Bulk VS Packaged Foods - Which is Cheaper?
    You have probably heard numerous times that when you shop bulk, it costs you less. And it's TRUE! In fact, we did a price comparison shop to find out just how inexpensive it is
    Healthy Ways to Avoid the Sugar Rush of Trick or Treating
    (0) Healthy Ways to Avoid the Sugar Rush of Trick or Treating
    It’s inevitable that if your child goes out trick or treating they WILL get sugary treats and chocolates. Here are some tricks to avoid a sugar rush when they get home.
    Protein & Your Ketogenic Diet
    (0) Protein & Your Ketogenic Diet
    Many following a ketogenic diet (wrongfully) believe that too much protein will put them out of ketosis through a process called gluconeogenesis. This translates to people limiting their protein intake to the point they are not eating sufficient protein to maintain muscle mass and regulate other important functions in your body. Not eating enough protein on keto can have serious side effects.
    Buckwheat Banana Bread (using ALL BULK ingredients)
    (0) Buckwheat Banana Bread (using ALL BULK ingredients)
    Who doesn't love banana bread? And who doesn't love recipes that include package-free ingredients? All of the ingredients in this recipe can be found in our bulk section.
    Cauliflower Steaks
    (0) Cauliflower Steaks
    A veggie option to a meaty steak! Cauliflower steaks make for a great alternative to your typical steak dinner. Spice them up with herbs & spices from CNF's bulk section to make it a low-waste meal.
    Keto Pumpkin Pie
    (0) Keto Pumpkin Pie
    Try this Keto Pumpkin Pie recipe for your next gathering!