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Community Natural Foods carefully examines every product in our departments to safeguard your health and our planet’s well-being. All foods, health supplements, body care, and home care products have passed our stringent standards and ingredients review.

We question every ingredient and product we carry for toxicity, quality (grade, processing, and source) and impact on human, animal and environmental welfare.

Our high standards for ourselves and you, our customer, mean that we seek to offer products that are true-to-nature, minimally or non-processed, wholesome, life-giving, and free from unnecessary additives. Feel great about shopping at Community!

Community Natural Foods screens all products on our shelves, striving to eliminate the following:

  • Artificial flavours, sweeteners, fragrances (perfume) and preservatives
  • Artificial colours (except in a limited number of colour cosmetic products)
  • Known and suspected toxic or mutagenic substances
  • Hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils
  • Packaged products without ingredients listed on their labels
  • Products from companies that conduct animal testing or contain ingredients currently tested on animals
  • Environmentally destructive chemicals
  • Crops harvested using environmentally destructive methods
  • Uncertified seafood
  • Products sourced using unfair trade practices

For our complete myCNF verified list click    mycnfverified

Our standards for ingredients far exceed simply being legal and allowed for sale in Canada. Community Natural Foods has reviewed studies and ratings by several different worldwide agencies and governments to ensure absolute safety.

For further information on any substance and why we do not allow it, contact us at

Community Natural Foods allows certain identified ingredients of concern, or “Code Yellow” ingredients due to inherent issues such as cross contamination and the lack of better ingredient options in products. These concerns include:

  • Genetically engineered foods (American produced cotton, alfalfa, papaya, squash, tomatoes and North American produced corn, canola, soybean and sugar beets)
  • Synthetic colors in hair colour, nail polish, lipstick, and cosmetic foundations
  • Widely used and approved substances considered safe for use, such as fluoride in toothpaste and acetone in nail polish (non-ingestible goods)
  • Lower-risk surfactants and emulsifiers in hair coloring products
  • Non-organic foods that are sustainability and responsibly produced
  • Pastured and cage-free meats that may not be organic/non-GMO

Community Natural Foods supports third-party quality certifications for its supplier partners.