CNF Family Farms: Rangeland Bison

Feb 21, 2024

Fueled by the Wild West tales from his childhood, Armin seized an opportunity and impulsively bought 400 bison cows. At the time, Canada’s bison market was in its infancy, but Armin’s unwavering determination laid the groundwork for growth that would change his course and the future of bison farming as a whole. In 2000, Canadian Rangeland Bison was born.

Today, Canadian Rangeland Bison (Rangeland) commits to offering exclusive, premium-quality bison meat to discerning global food service and retail markets. This commitment extends to supporting local Canadian bison producers and their families, fostering equitable partnerships, and leading community growth.

Pioneering ethical practices, Rangeland proudly stands as one of the few third-party certified bison marketers. In collaboration with SGS, a global certification body, a stringent annual auditing program ensures the highest quality meat—from gate to plate.

Rangeland’s journey embodies purity. Every aspect of our bison farming and operations are meticulously curated: 100% Canadian, devoid of antibiotics, growth promotants, and animal by-products. The result? Gourmet meats that reflect the heart of the Canadian Prairies, connecting people to the land in a culinary narrative of ethics, quality, and sustainability.

A Powerful, Ecological Approach

Regenerative farming is a powerful ecological approach that focuses on boosting soil health, embracing biodiversity, and reducing carbon emissions. It involves practices like diverse crop planting, rotational, restorative grazing, and cover cropping. This method not only benefits farms but also contributes to a healthier environment.

Uniting Bison's Instinctual Behaviour with Regenerative Agriculture 

Bison ranchers boldly champion regenerative and sustainable land management practices. Allowing bison to roam freely, they invigorate native plant growth, enrich soil vitality, and sequester carbon. With rhythmic, natural grazing, bison help lessen soil compaction and heighten biodiversity, while their trampling fosters natural composting.

This echoes bison’s historical role in landscape shaping, fostering an ecosystem equilibrium. In essence, bison ranchers stand at the forefront of regenerative agriculture, uniting bison’s instinctual behaviour with land rejuvenation.

Why Bison is the Ultimate Meat Choice

Beyond the palate, bison is a radical choice for a greener planet. Mighty bison roam free and regenerate our land, acting as part of a sustainable circle that supports the earth we all call home. Eating bison isn’t just a meal; it’s a revolutionary act. It’s about embracing the wild, savouring the extraordinary, and standing up for a stronger tomorrow—all while indulging in a flavour that satisfies all appetites. So, ignite your senses, nourish your body, and make a statement with every succulent bite of bison.

Western Canadian Bison Ranchers: Shaping Sustainable Bison Farming 

Discover the pioneering spirit of Western Canada’s bold bison ranchers. Ethical practices, sustainable farming, and premium-quality meat define these trailblazers. Join us in exploring their stories. Learn how they’re embracing the wild and standing up for healthier futures through sustainable bison ranching practices.

Rooted in diverse backgrounds, these Bison farmers unite to conserve the land and deliver premium bison meat with uncompromising flavour and quality. Their hands-on practices, bridging generations of wisdom, align with advanced animal welfare and ecological harmony. As land stewards, their commitment stretches beyond bison rearing, cultivating a sustainable legacy with every savoury serving.

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