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Stinky Dogger Coat Spray

A spray for when your doggo is smelling a little TOO doggo!

Did you know that dogs’ noses are WAY more sensitive than ours? That means you need a very small amount of essential oil when you make this blend.

Stinky Dogger Coat Spray

Total Time:





  • 4 oz Apothecary Amber mister bottle
  • Apothecary Emulsifier
  • Distilled water
  • Essential oil blend of your choice

How to Make It


In your 4 oz bottle, add 3 drops of emulsifier (essential oils by their nature do not mix with water, so they require something to bind them with the water. In this case, Emulsifier!) and 3 drops of your essential oil synergy. Swirl vigorously for 1 minute to mix.


Add a small amount of water (1 ml) and continue to swirl. Once combined, fill to the top, shake and cap. Application note – for use from the neck down. Do not spray in your dog’s face or in genital area.


Do not spray in your dog’s face or in genital area. Please use the exact amount stated above as concentrated essential oils can be toxic to dogs

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