Gluten-Free Camping Tips

Mar 23, 2021

While enjoying the great outdoors, the last thing a camper needs is a gluten mishap. To ensure you get the best out of any trip to the mountains or the lake, we’ve got simple tips and menu ideas for your next campout.

Prior to your camping trip, ensure your food and body care items are gluten-free by checking the labels. At Community Natural Foods, we’ve done that job for you and have labeled all gluten-free items on our shelf tags – just look for the GF mark, or ask one of our knowledgeable staff members. If you’re going with a group, make sure they’re aware of your food sensitivity to ensure there is no cross contamination. Most people are pretty open to food sensitivities in this day in age and they may even be able to bring GF treats too!

When making up your camping menu, you want to go as easy and compactable. An easy breakfast includes gluten-free granola, banana and almond milk. Almond milk doesn’t need to be refrigerated until open so that’s one less thing to put in the cooler right away! Some of our favourite gluten-free granolas are JK Gourmet Apple Spice & Raisin or Holy Crap.  Both come in small packaging with big flavour that is a great way to kick start your mornings. Need something a bit more savoury? You can always do the classic scrambled eggs and a baked potato over the fire.

Lunch and dinner are easily interchangeable, make enough for lunch and make extra for dinner later on! Do this by making a pot of quinoa, and add glory bowl dressing or any Simply Natural dressing, veggies & seeds! For added proteins, we have a large selection of frozen burgers to accompany your salad. For vegetables, try SOL Cuisine Sprouted Quinoa Chia, or Big Mountain Foods Veggie patties, and for meat lovers, we recommend Life Choices Beef or Chicken burgers.  Campfire roasted veggies and potatoes also make for a gluten-free, filling side dish. Slice baby potatoes, red peppers, carrots and onions, toss them with a bit of butter or vegan margarine, salt and pepper, wrap tightly with aluminum foil and throw over the fire for 15-20 minutes. For an easy back country meal that takes up little space, pack dry lentils to cook in a pot over the fire and add dried spices and herbs for flavour.

No camping trip is complete without some tasty treats. Whether it’s as simple as chips and dip, or treats over the fire, being gluten-free won’t stop you from having a snack that will make everyone jealous. For the chip category, we are crazy for Salt & Pepper Kettle chips paired with any homemade hummus, or Que Pasa blue corn chips and salsa. Pre-make energy bars and balls to get you through any day hikes. Easy No Bake Granola Bars or Chocolate Protein Bars. Campfire gluten-free treats include campfire banana boats with chocolate chips and shredded coconut, baked apples with nut butter, and of course, Dandies marshmallows!

Again, to ensure no cross contamination, be sure to bring extra aluminum foil for any over the fire cooking, label all your food that you premade, and to be on the safe side, it’s best to keep all your food stored away from everyone else’s, including a separate cooler.

While you’re packing up all your food, make sure to pack your gluten-free body care items! Pour your gluten-free shampoo, conditioner and lotion into travel size containers so they don’t take up space. And stock up on Green Beaver gluten-free sunscreen.

Whether a day trip, or back country camping, there are always gluten-free solutions to making your trip worth every moment our beautiful province has to offer!

Happy gluten-free camping!