Benefits of Echinacea

Oct 13, 2021

Man standing in a field of Echinacea flowers.Echinacea Purpurea, commonly called purple coneflower, is native to most prairies and meadows of Eastern North America.

This medicinal herb has numerous beneficial properties. From ant-inflammatory to immune modulating, Echinacea has been used around the world for a variety of ailments and health concerns. Let’s look at some of its many benefits a little closer. But before we get into the science, let’s get to know one of our trusted brands: A.Vogel. 

The basis of the A.Vogel health brand is the credo of their founder, the Swiss pioneer of natural health Alfred Vogel (1902-1996) who said; "Nature gives us everything we need to protect and maintain our health".

The company’s remedies are based on one of the core principles of Alfred Vogel: health requires a holistic approach. A balanced lifestyle, a healthy diet and natural products play key roles in maintaining and restoring health.

A. Vogel make their preparations from freshly picked plants. The extra effort put into using fresh produce is what still distinguishes A.Vogel from its competitors today. Love of nature and belief in its healing powers have always been at the heart of the work. This means certified organic produce and sustainable use of natural resources.

To learn more about this amazing company, please visit their website at:

"Based on his many years of experience, Vogel stubbornly insisted that "preparations from fresh plants have a larger efficacy radius than those made from dried plants" and "preparations made from fresh plants have a significantly faster, stronger and deeper effect than you can get from dried plant preparations"

Some Benefits of Echinacea:

Immunomodulatory Effects

Some secondary metabolites such as Alkamides, caffeic acid derivatives, and polysaccharides have been considered important constituents of the plant (1). 

A number of studies revealed that alkamides are involved in the immunomodulatory properties of Echinacea extracts in vitro and in vivo (2,3). In fact, numerous studies show that taking Echinacea can shorten duration of colds by one and a half days may lower the risk of developing colds by more than 50% ( 

Lastly, Echinacea preparation could be a useful, readily available and affordable addition to existing control options for Influenza Virus replication and dissemination (4). 

Because echinacea influences the immune system, it is important that you speak with your practitioner if you have an Auto-immune disease or are on any immunosuppressant medications. 

Did you know? Echinaforce by A.Vogel can be taken by pregnant and breast feeding women? There is also a Echinaforce Junior supplement that is safe for children 2 and up. (please read and follow product labels)

Anti-inflammatory Activity

Echinacea has been used traditionally in North America for symptoms of upper respiratory infections such as colds and influenza, as well as inflammatory conditions (5,6).

The anti-inflammatory activity of Echinacea might be due to multiple active metabolites, specifically alkamides and caffeic acid derivatives, which work together to switch macrophage activation from classical activation towards alternative activation. In other words, switching them from an inflammatory to an anti-inflammatory state. Caffeic acid from Echinacea has also shown anti-inflammatory and wound healing benefits when applied topically.

A study done in adults with Osteoporosis significantly reduced inflammation, swelling, and chronic pain (7). A great option for those who want to avoid or limit the use of conventional non-steroidal inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS).

May help with Blood Sugar Balance

Recent investigations have indicated that Echinacea purpurea has an effect on insulin resistance.

One study suggested that flowers of Echinacea purpurea contained compounds with the potential to manage insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes (8)

Alkamide and fatty acid compounds in Echinacea Purpurea have also been shown to improve insulin sensitivity, by increasing glucose intake by cells (9).

Echinacea, along with diet and lifestyle factors, might be beneficial to support blood sugar balance.

Along with the above benefits, Echinacea is also high in antioxidants, is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and has even been shown to help improve mood. This underrated herb would be a great addition to your herbal supplement routine this cold and flu season. With many Echinacea products in the market, be sure to look for quality and reputable brands.




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(6) Binns SE, Livesey JF, Arnason JT, Baum BR (2002): Phytochemical variation in Echinacea from roots and flowerheads of wild and cultivated populations. J Agric Food Chem 50: 3673–3687.




All information and tools presented and written within this article are for educational and Informational purposes only. Any nutrition, lifestyle and product recommendations are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Before starting any new supplements, diet and exercise program please check with your doctor or practitioner.

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