Go With the Flow: How to Boost the Health of Your Period

Tuesday, March 7 7:00PM

Guess what?! Aunt Flow has come to town and she brought some friends: agonizing cramps, nausea, and abnormal bleeding. It's so far shaping up to be an unpleasant week. The good news is: there is something that we can do to help!

Menstruation is an often-misunderstood part of our overall health. It is usually brushed off as a cumbersome monthly experience, and that's that... But there is so much more to the story!

The health of our menstruation can provide a lot of valuable insight into the health of the body as a whole. It's important to know what is normal for YOU and what is not. We can also use the menstrual cycle as a way to understand changes in our external circumstances and our responses to certain diets, treatments, supplements, and medications.

Join Liana and Cora from Lumira Pelvic Health & Wellness for an exciting webinar on optimizing the health of your period. We will discuss what is normal, what is not, and how to monitor your personal menstrual health!

About Us

Cora is a physiotherapist with a special focus in pelvic health. As the owner of Lumira Pelvic Health & Wellness, she has dedicated herself to helping clients with the challenges of conception, pregnancy, labour, delivery, and postpartum recovery. She loves supporting new parents in finding their strength and independence throughout such an incredible journey!

Liana is a reflexologist with over three decades of experience. Over the years, she has worked with clients throughout their pregnancies and has even worked with their infants shortly after birth! With her many skills in the complimentary healing arts, she strives to provide holistic and well-rounded care to clients from all walks of life!

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