The Alkaline Advantage: Supporting Illness Recovery and Healthy Aging Through pH Balance

Thursday, September 5 6:00PM

A Free Instore Event at the Community Natural Foods Old Strathcona Market

Eating processed foods and being constantly stressed creates acidity and robs your body of mineral deposits. The process of deterioration then starts. Our immune system is compromised and diseases are created. Stephan Wilmes, The AlkalineDietGuy, will tell you how to rebalance the alkaline levels in your body through regeneration, purification, and cleansing.

Stephan will introduce the basics of our human metabolism, explain the consequences of a calorie-rich, acidic diet, and give you an overview of toxic and harmful substances. You will enjoy fundamentally improving your health and wellness when you learn how to implement an alkaline lifestyle easily.

Lectures with Stephan Wilmes, M.A.

Stephan is a former professional athlete, an alkaline coach, a book author ("Gone into God", "The Reality of Your Enlightenment"), and the founder of the Ayurveda Wellness Center in Munich, Germany. He is an internationally renowned speaker on re-alkalizing the body and his company, YouInFocus Products Corp. is the North American distributor of Dr. Jentschura’s alkalizing program from Germany. Participants enjoy Stephan’s holistic, enthusiastic, and inspirational approach to health and wellness.

All attendees will receive a $5 coupon at the event to save instore!

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