CNF Family Farms: Winter's Turkeys

Dec 6, 2023


Free-Range · Certified Organic · Whole Grain Fed

Winter's family has raised turkeys on our Alberta farm, in Dalemead, southeast of Calgary, for four generations. Our birds are humanely raised with total consideration for their comfort and well-being. They are regularly provided with clean bedding and have unlimited access to fresh water and the outdoors.

Spanning four generations, our family has been raising turkeys on our Alberta farm near Dalemead. In 2023 we celebrate our 65th year raising "Winter's Turkeys."


Four Generations · Family Farm · Since 1958

Darrel and Corinne have been operating Winter's Turkey family farm since 1976. Their children, Curtis and Laurel, contributed to the growing farming operation in Dalemead. Laurel returned to the farm in 2015 as the full-time farm manager. Laurel and Lyle married in 2016 and keep busy raising turkeys and children on the Winter's homestead.


Sustainable Farming & Humane Handling

We are dedicated to practicing sustainability for our planet and providing respectful husbandry for our animals. We produce grain to feed our flocks and use the straw to provide fresh bedding in our barns. In addition, we fertilize our crops with our composted bedding and manure to build the fertility of our soil.


All of Winter's Turkeys are free-range. Free range means that our birds have free and unfettered access to the outdoors. On our farm, this means that the birds have fenced runs behind each barn that the turkeys have access to year-round. As a result, the turkey's range is filled with grass, hay, branches to perch on and plants to peck at.

Certified Organic

One of our flocks for each festive season is raised as Certified Organic. Certified organic describes how the turkeys are raised and, more specifically, what those turkeys eat. All of the feed rations for this flock are certified organic. In addition, Ecocert Canada visits our farm annually to audit our facilities and to certify Winter's Turkeys for each production year.

Outside Access

Our birds are introduced to the outdoors at three weeks of age and have unlimited access to the outdoors at five weeks of age.

Feed Program

All Winter's Turkeys are fed a whole grain diet primarily with a whole wheat base.

Our organic turkey feed is mixed entirely on the farm for the entire lifespan of the birds. Our organic flock is fed organic wheat, organic soy meal, organic flax or canola meal, organic peas, and minerals. We mill and grind the wheat and peas for the first five weeks and then begin mixing in whole wheat as the flock matures.

We are grateful that many Albertans have been enjoying a Winter's Turkey as a part of their holiday traditions for years. Because of continued support from our valued friends and customers, family farms like ours will continue to thrive and provide local and sustainable food for generations. We have built our reputation on quality and make every effort to maintain it.

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