January Organizations:

Calgary - Trico Centre for Family Wellness

Edmonton - Edmonton Food Bank


Community Natural Foods kicked off the Change for the Earth Program on Earth Day 2012. Currently, for every reusable bag you bring for your shop and for every container you bring to fill with bulk items, you will receive a 2-cent credit that you can choose to donate to 1 of our monthly local charities/organizations representing PEOPLE, COMMUNITY, AND THE PLANET. Community Natural Foods matches Change for the Earth token donations each month.

By reducing waste, you are saving money, helping our planet AND giving back to our local community.

Since the inception of the Change for the Earth Program, we have together raised the following amounts:

Community: $79,365.11
People: $76,442.37
Planet: $72,196.64
Total since 2012: $228,004.11


Below are a few of the organizations that have been featured through the Change For The Earth program:


Featured People Groups: 
The Alex, Alpha House, Heart Beats, The Calgary Celiac Association, Potential Place, Youth Singers of Calgary, The Mustard Seed, Chrysalis, Calgary Dream Centre, Calgary Progressive Lifestyles Foundation, Potential Place, Brown Bagging for Calgary Street Kids, Calgary Poppy Fund/Veteran Foodbank, The Kerby Centre, Calgary Educational Partnership Foundation, Women in Need Society, The Third Academy, Youth Inclusive Neighbourhoods, Canadian Women’s Foundation, Grit Calgary Society, Calgary Drop Inn Centre, High Banks Society, Discovery House, Cerebral Palsy Association, Women’s Centre of Calgary, and The Children’s Cottage to name a few of the people groups we’ve showcased to date.

Featured Community Groups: 
Calgary Humane Society, Calgary Distress Centre, Slow Food Calgary, Inn From The Cold, Adoption Options, Breakfast Clubs of Canada, Vibrant Communities Calgary, Global Eyesight Now, Calgary Outlink, YMCA of Calgary, Tri-Commitment, Habitat for Humanity Calgary, Pawsitive Match Foundation, Calgary Meals on Wheels, Military Family Resource Centre, Calgary Interfaith Foodbank, Arusha Centre, and Rasta to name a few of the community groups we’ve showcased to date.

Featured Planet Groups:
REAP (Respect for the Earth and All People) Calgary, Sustainable Alberta, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS), Weaselhead Glenmore Park Preservation Society, Alberta Wilderness Association, Organic Alberta, The Evergreen Theatre, The Sierra Club – Chinook, Water Matters, Recycling Council of Alberta, Green Calgary, The Pembina Institute, Grizzly Bear Alliance, Parks Foundation, Friends of Fish Creek Society, Calgary Horticultural Society, Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society, Cows and Fish, and the Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation Society to name a few planet groups we’ve showcased to date.