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    Zazubean co-founder Tiziana Ienna was on a bike trip with her friends in British Columbia. While storage space was limited, each of her friends had managed to find space for chocolate. One night, they talked about their enjoyment of chocolate, and each wished they could find decadent chocolate that was ethical and used natural, healthy ingredients. Tiziana was inspired, and when she returned home, she started working in her chocolate lab. She examined the benefits of certain plants and fruits while simultaneously developing delicious recipes. Soon after, Tara Gilbert joined the team, bringing with her an expertise in social responsibility and business development. Together they searched the planet for the finest organic, Fair Trade ingredients, and in doing so, turned Zazubean into a reality. To maximize health properties and protect our environment, all of Zazubean’s dark chocolate is organic and certified Fair Trade.

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    Picture of Chocolate Bar


    Chocolate Bar

    It's 2003, and a group of female friends are taking a bike trip to an island off the coast of British Columbia. During one of their evening breaks, the friends start talking about their dream chocolate. They want a gourmet chocolate made from healthy, certified-organic ingredients. They want chocolate that promotes Fair Trade. When they can't find that chocolate, they decide to make it, and thus, Zazubean is born.
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    Picture of Chocolate Bar - Cheeky - 85 g


    Chocolate Bar - Cheeky - 85 g

    Feeling a bit glib? Give Zazubean's Cheeky Chocolate Bar a try. Flavoured with salted toffee, banana and maca, this delightful gluten free and organic chocolate bar is sure to bring out the monkey in you.
    Picture of Chocolate Bar - Flirt - 85 g


    Chocolate Bar - Flirt - 85 g

    Bat your eyelashes at Zazubean's Flirt Chocolate Bar, an exquisite blend of bold dark chocolate, raspberry and cherry with acai. This gluten free vegan chocolate bar is loaded with vitamins and anti-oxidants and features only organic Fair Trade ingredients.
    Picture of Chocolate Bar - Hottie - 85 g


    Chocolate Bar - Hottie - 85 g

    Want to feel like you're too hot to touch? Then try out Zazubean's Hottie Chocolate Bar. Chili, cinnamon and yerba mate come together in this spicy chocolate bar that's sure to heat things up no matter how cold it is outside.
    Picture of Chocolate Bar - Kiki - 85 g


    Chocolate Bar - Kiki - 85 g

    Fig, sea salt and coconut sugar come together in Zazubean's Kiki Chocolate Bar. This sweet treat features only Fair Trade chocolate, and it tastes so good that you won't want to share it with anyone else in the office.
    Picture of Chocolate Bar - Lunatic - 85 g


    Chocolate Bar - Lunatic - 85 g

    Feel like you're going crazy? Then soothe yourself with Zazubean's Lunatic Chocolate Bar. Made with rich dark chocolate, roasted cocoa nibs infused with Maca root and peppermint oil, this vegan chocolate bar is the perfect way to relax after a stressful day.
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