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    At Wholesome, they know that sweet is always better when it’s wholesome. Since 2001, they’ve poured their hearts into everything they do, making organic, better-for-you products that add a lovely touch of sweetness to your life. They create sugars, honeys and treats that aren’t just delicious, but are mindfully delicious. When they make their products, they only use real, recognizable ingredients and organic growing practices that ensure every snack tastes exactly as it should. They never use artificial or GMO ingredients, and they steer clear of delicious yet harmful additives. Of course, Wholesome couldn’t create their tasty treats and sweeteners without the help of farmers and beekeepers. That’s why Wholesome ensures that all of the crops are sustainably grown and responsibly harvested and that the farmers receive a fair price for their hard work. When you enjoy one of Wholesome’s products, you can rest easy knowing that you’re making an environmentally responsible, better-for-you choice.

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    Picture of Organic Raw Cane Turbinado Sugar - 680 g


    Organic Raw Cane Turbinado Sugar - 680 g

    Give your next batch of cookies a sweet, crunchy topping by using Wholesome's Organic Raw Cane Turbinado Sugar. This golden-coloured raw cane sugar features large sparkling crystals and has a rich aroma. It's great on oatmeal.
    Picture of Organic Sucanat - 907 g


    Organic Sucanat - 907 g

    Sweeten your next meal with Wholesome's Organic Sucanat. This unrefined cane sugar is made by crushing freshly cut sugar cane, extracting the juice and heating it in a large vat. The syrup is then hand-paddled to cool it, dry it and create the flavourful dried granules.
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