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Genuine Health Greens+ Extra Energy Orange 399g

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Greens+ Extra Energy Orange combines all the ingredients of the original Greens+ formula with a blend of energy enhan...

Natural Factors Kelp 575mg 180tabs

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Kelp (Fucus vesiculosis) is a sea vegetable that is a concentrated source of important minerals, particularly iodine,...

NOW Liquid Chlorophyll (Triple Strength) 473ml

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Chlorophyll is a unique substance found in all plant life. It is the pigment that gives plants their characteristic g...

Genuine Health Greens+ O Original 228g

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Introducing NEW greens+ O – formulated especially for those who are both passionate and sensitive about the foods the...

Genuine Health Greens+ 360caps

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Greens+ is a synergistic combination of 23 natural ingredients carefully selected for their unique properties. Includ...

Genuine Health Greens+ Daily Detox - Green Appl...

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Greens+ Daily Detox combines a powerful blend of ingredients that support daily, full body cleansing and detoxificati...

Vega Chlorella - 300 Tabs

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Boasting the highest concentration of chlorophyll of any known plant, chlorella has earned its reputation as the ulti...

Genuine Health Greens+ 510g

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Boost your nutritional intake, energy and vitality with Canada’s first and only research-proven superfood formula!

Genuine Health Greens+ Extra Energy Capuccino 445g

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Greens+ Extra Energy combines all the ingredients of the original Greens+ formula with a blend of energy enhancing nu...

Enerex Greens Low Gluten - Original 400g

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Enerex GREENS products are nutrient-dense alkalizing Raw Superfood Concentrates packed with vitamins, minerals, prote...

Organika Chlorophyll Chewable 100tab

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Chlorophyll is known to improve the health of the circulatory, digestive, immune and detoxification systems of the body.

New Roots Chlorella 454g

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New Roots Herbal’s certified organic Chlorella is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins an...