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    St. Francis Herb Farm

    Monique and Jeremy Rivett-Carnac had a simple dream: they wanted to craft herbal medicine using traditional methods that had been used for hundreds of years, because they believed that those simple medicines and methods would yield the best results. Over the years, they built St. Francis Herb Farm into what it is today, before finally passing it onto their son and daughter-in-law, Paul and Caitlin Rivett-Carnac. While the owners have changed, the approach has remained the same. When they’re making their herbal medicine, St. Francis Herb Farm uses the whole herb because it contains all of the necessary active ingredients. They take a craftsman approach to the production process, using tools carefully designed for each particular herb and ensuring that the nutrients aren’t damaged in the process. Finally, they prize their connection with the community and their customers, meeting you where you are on your wellness journey.

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