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    Stahlbush Island Farms

    Bill and Karla Chambers started with 2 crops, 300 acres and a dream. They wanted to grow and freeze delicious fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes. They wanted to grow the kind of flavourful, healthy produce that they could feel good about serving at the dinner table to their own family. This meant their produce needed to be picked and frozen at the peak of ripeness. Today, Stahlbush cultivates more than 5,000 acres in Oregon, but the goal remains the same: grow and freeze delicious produce. Of course, they’re concerned about more than just food. They’re also concerned about their social responsibility and employee well-being. That’s why they’ve put programs in place that will ensure their employees are happy and fulfilled. It’s also why they constantly work to improve their local community. In fact, every year, they donate 1 million servings to local food banks.

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    Picture of Blueberries - 283 g

    Stahlbush Island Farms

    Blueberries - 283 g

    Enjoy a fruity taste of the Pacific Northwest by snacking on a handful of Stahlbush Island Farms' Blueberries. These sustainably grown blueberries taste delicious on their own, or covered in yogurt and served as a dessert.
    Picture of Broccoli Florets - 300 g

    Stahlbush Island Farms

    Broccoli Florets - 300 g

    Add some green to your next side dish with Stahlbush Island Farms' Broccoli Florets. These crunchy bright green vegetables pair well with lemon or butter, and taste delicious in stir-fries, curries and soups.
    Picture of Butternut Squash - 284 g

    Stahlbush Island Farms

    Butternut Squash - 284 g

    Travel slightly off the beaten path and enjoy Stahlbush Island Farms' Butternut Squash. This butternut squash tastes delicious when roasted, added to soups, sautéed or in pies. If you're looking for a savoury flavour, try roasting the squash with thyme. Have a bit of a sweet tooth? Then add maple syrup instead.
    Picture of Cauliflower - 300 g
    Picture of Caulliflower - 300 g

    Stahlbush Island Farms

    Caulliflower - 300 g

    Add a subtle nutty flavour to your next vegetable dish with Stahlbush Island Farms' Cauliflower. This milky white cauliflower tastes great on its own and makes an excellent substitute for heavy starches like potatoes, rice and tabouli.
    Picture of Chopped Curly Kale - 284 g

    Stahlbush Island Farms

    Chopped Curly Kale - 284 g

    If you're looking for a way to incorporate kale into your next dish, use Stahlbush Island Farms' Chopped Curly Kale. When you cook kale, it doesn't lose its crunchy texture which means it's perfect for stir-fries, sautés and soups.
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