Bell Lifestyles Bladder & Yeast Infection 60caps

Bell Lifestyles Bladder & Yeast Infection 60caps



It is common for millions of women to have at least one episode of acute bladder infection (cystitis) or kidney infection. To treat these infections, antibiotics are often prescribed, which can kill friendly micro-organisms needed by the body to fight off harmful intruders. In some cases, antibiotics would even promote yeast infections. 
If you have experienced discomfort from taking antibiotics or simply worried that your body’s defenses will become resistant, Bell Bladder and Yeast  Infection is the perfect natural alternative for complete urinary and feminine health.*
Bladder & Yeast  Infection combines 6 nutrients: uva ursi, goldenseal, d-mannose, buchu, pumpkin seeds and hydrangea for optimal urinary and vaginal health. These herbs together play a part in keeping microbial balance and healthy yeast in your urinary tract. These ingredients combine to give you thorough, but gentle cleaning power. They keep your bladder walls clean and healthy, making it easy for your body to flush out waste. *
When you take Bladder & Yeast  Infection, you can look forward to comfortable and carefree days without having to worry about harmful after-effects.*


D-Mannose, pumpkin extract, uva-ursi extract, buchu extract, hydrangea extract, goldenseal extract.


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