How to BYOC at Community Natural Foods

Mar 30, 2022

Community Natural Foods has been supporting the BYOC movement since 1977… it’s actually how we started the business! But now we want to scream it from the rooftops! So here’s how you can do your part in reducing waste and bringing your own container.


1. Bring your own clean container or reusable bag (see below what is/isn’t accepted).

2. Forgot your container? You can buy a 750mL glass jar from Community Natural Foods or use a paper bag (which are compostable in the City of Calgary green bin).

3. Tare your container at an available till. One of our cashiers will write the weight on the container so that it can be deducted from the final weight after it’s been filled.

4. Fill your container or reusable bag with any of the great bulk items we have to offer.

5. Don’t forget to take note of the BIN # (memorize it, write it on your container, take a picture of it… whatever you want to do).

6. Pay at the till and enjoy your bulk items!

If you are bringing your own container to take home our delicious items from our Café’s hot food bar and salad bar, please be sure to weigh your clean container at a till before filling it.




  • Any sort of reusable container or bag that is food grade (glass, pyrex, plastic, homemade fabric bags) as long as it is clean with a lid and no holes or cracks in any part of the container
  • Glass containers sold by Community Natural Foods
  • Reused Plastic bag, paper bag, repack container (as long as it’s clean)
  • Dirty container/bag
  • Container/bag with a hole or cracks in it
  • Gas can (no joke, someone tried to do this)



You may be wondering why we are offering BYOC for some products and not for others. Unfortunately at this time, our café products like Kombucha on Tap and our soups are priced by volume, not by weight, so they are not part of BYOC... yet. We want to be completely transparent with you and let you know we are working on making BYOC the best it can be!