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    Picture of Bean Screen - 2 count
    Picture of Complete Mason Jar Fermentation Kit - 1 kit


    Complete Mason Jar Fermentation Kit - 1 kit

    If you’ve been dreaming about fermenting your own vegetables, get the dream team on your side, courtesy of Masontops’ Complete Mason Jar Fermentation Kit. The three tools enclosed in this kit make fermenting your own vegetables quick and easy while eliminating the risk of mold.
    Picture of Multi Top Flip Cap Wide
    Picture of Pickle Packer - 1 each


    Pickle Packer - 1 each

    Pack your pickles perfectly with Masontops’ Pickle Packer. Designed specifically for small-batch fermentation in both wide-mouth and regular-mouth mason jars, this Pickle Packer helps you easily pack your vegetables for your ferments.
    Picture of Pickle Pebbles - 4 count


    Pickle Pebbles - 4 count

    Take the guess work out of your lacto-ferments and ensure your veggies stay below the surface of the brine by using Masontops’ Pickle Pebbles. Designed specifically for fermenting veggies and fruits, this Pickle Pebbles eliminate exposure to oxygen, which dramatically reduces the chance of spoilage and mold.
    Picture of Pickle Pipe - 4 count


    Pickle Pipe - 4 count

    If you’re tired of burping your jars every day or monitoring the water levels of a clumsy 3-piece airlock, check out Masontops’ Pickle Pipe. This one-piece, self-sealing, silicone and waterless airlock allows carbon dioxide to escape while preventing oxygen from entering. Best of all, it’s maintenance-free.
    Picture of Top Chalk Liquid Markers - 6 count


    Top Chalk Liquid Markers - 6 count

    If you’re sick of chalk markers that stain the chalkboard surfaces they write on, check out Masontops’ Top Chalk Liquid Markers. While they were designed for chalkboard coated Mason jar lids, these liquid markers work great on blackboard surfaces, glass and LED boards.
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