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    Picture of Alpha Lipoic Acid Conditioning Shampoo - 500 ml


    Alpha Lipoic Acid Conditioning Shampoo - 500 ml

    Neutralize free radicals and eliminate dry, flaky scalp with Newco's Alpha Lipoic Acid Conditioning Shampoo. Aerobic oxygen oxygenates the scalp and hair follicles while aloe vera soothes and replenishes hair.
    Picture of Amaranth - 500 g

    GoGo Quinoa

    Amaranth - 500 g

    Thicken your next soup with GoGo Quinoa’s Amaranth. This small seed is rich in protein and calcium and acts as a great binding agent and thickener. You can also add this nutritious superfood to your next salad.
    Picture of Amino-Mix - 850 mg - 240 tablets

    New Roots Herbal

    Amino-Mix - 850 mg - 240 tablets

    Maintain your good health with New Roots Herbal's Amino-Mix. These tablets act as an excellent source of natural amino acids, which are the building blocks of life. Each tablet contains a mix of free-form di- and tripeptide amino acids.
    Picture of Ancient Grain Bread - 681 g

    Community Naturals

    Ancient Grain Bread - 681 g

    Try something locally made, courtesy of our own Ancient Grain Bread. Slather your favourite spread on this bread, or use it as the start of a delicious and healthy sandwich. Once you've tried our bread, you'll have a tough time wanting anything else.
    Picture of Aphrodisi-Oats - 500 g

    Stoked Oats

    Aphrodisi-Oats - 500 g

    Chocolate lovers will never want to skip breakfast again once they get a taste of Stoked Oats’ Aphrodisi-Oats. This delicious blend of pure oats and chocolate chips gives you the nutrition you need to power through the long work day.
    Picture of Apple Cider - 3 L

    Community Naturals

    Apple Cider - 3 L

    The apples in this apple cider come from Harker's Organic Fruit Ranch in Cawston, BC. A collection of organic Fuji, Gala and Spartan apples are flash pasteurized to create a fresh pressed taste, then shipped to Calgary in 100% recyclable cardboard to minimize the carbon footprint.
    Picture of Apple Cider Vinegar
    Picture of Apple Cider Vinegar - Elderberry - 500 ml

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