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    Keto Kickstart Program

    Keto Kickstart Program

    Are you interested in the Ketogenic lifestyle but not sure where to start?

    If you have decided to try this popular lifestyle choice we are here to help! We are pleased to introduce a Keto Kickstart program coming to a Community Natural Foods store near you. Keto Kickstart is offered at all three of our stores and provides a wealth of information and support for your success. Book now!

    What you will receive in the program:

    1. One 60-minute meeting with one of our Keto Coaches to guide you through the step-by-step process of becoming Keto adapted
    2. one-week Easing into Keto meal plan with recipes and shopping lists
    3. A full two-week meal plan complete with recipes, macros, and shopping lists
    4. A ‘starter kit’ with key ingredients to help you get off on the right foot
    5. A series of 3 CNF coupons that give you 15% off your next 3 shopping trips
    6. A shopping list of supplements that may support your keto lifestyle
    7. Ongoing in-store support
    8. One 30-minute follow-up meeting with your Keto Coach to review your progress and answer any questions or concerns that came up, and to provide you with the next steps to keep you on track and successful
    9. Additional resources that will keep you on track!

    Price of package: $100 per person

    Don’t want to do this alone? We are happy to accommodate groups of up to three people. (Let us know of your desired group number in your registration email)

    Please note that this is not a consultation on medical issues, rather support for a lifestyle change that can be addressed through nutrition and food. As with any lifestyle change, we recommend consulting with your Physician or Practitioner before starting.


    To set up an appointment email us at Consults ( with your ideal date, time and coach and we'll get back to you in the next 3 days with a confirmation. Please note that we will do our best to get you in to see your preferred keto coach as quickly as possible, but due to holidays and unexpected change to schedules, there may be delay from time to time. Payment will be taken at time of first consult.



    Meet Our Keto Kickstart Coaches



    We are excited to be part of your health journey!

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