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    Water Bottle Accessories & Filter Accessories

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    Picture of 2 Gallon Porcelain Crock - Pattern Plain - 1 each

    2 Gallon Porcelain Crock - Pattern Plain - 1 each

    Keep your water cool and fresh with a Porcelain Crock. Hand-made and certified lead-free, this crock has an aesthetically pleasing design that fits any room décor. Due to its unique design, it will always keep water slightly cooler than room temperature.
    Picture of 5 Stage Filter - 1 each


    5 Stage Filter - 1 each

    Give yourself the finest, cleanest and greatest tasting mineralized alkaline water possible by using Santevia’s 5 Stage Filter. This simple filter gets rid of common contaminants while fortifying your water with trace minerals and balancing its pH.
    $39.99 $33.89
    Picture of Alkaline Water Pitcher Filter - 3 count


    Alkaline Water Pitcher Filter - 3 count

    Enjoy the taste of mineralized, alkaline water at home, courtesy of Santevia’s Alkaline Water Pitcher. This hand-held pitcher fits in the door of your refrigerator and works to restore your tap water to its mineral-rich state. Replace your pitcher’s filter every 60 days or 300 litres.
    $54.99 $46.69
    Picture of Bobble Replacement Infuse Filter - 2 count

    Seventh Generation

    Bobble Replacement Infuse Filter - 2 count

    Infuse your water with flavour by using Seventh Generation’s Bobble Replacement Infuse Filter. This carbon filter is designed to fit into your Bobble Infuse. It should be replaced approximately every 60 days.
    $9.99 $5.00
    Picture of Café Cap 2.0 - 1 each

    Klean Kanteen

    Café Cap 2.0 - 1 each

    Turn any of Klean Kanteen's Insulated Wide products into on-the-go mugs with Cafe Cap 2.0. This leakproof cap lets you throw your bottle in your bag or stash it on your bike without worrying about spills.
    Picture of Ceramic Pre-Filter - 1 each


    Ceramic Pre-Filter - 1 each

    Remove rust, sediment, bacteria, germs and parasites from your water by using Santevia’s Ceramic Pre-Filter. This filter is made from highly compressed and fired diatomaceous earth. It is the first stage in the Santevia Gravity System.
    $39.99 $33.89
    Picture of Filters - Black - 2 count


    Filters - Black - 2 count

    Enjoy fresh, clean water straight from the tap, courtesy of Bobble's Filters. These replaceable carbon filters fit both the Classic Bobble and Bobble Sport. Each BPA-free filter equals 300 single-serve water bottles.
    $13.99 $6.99
    Picture of Mineral Stones - 1 each


    Mineral Stones - 1 each

    During the 7th stage in the filtration process, Santevia’s Mineral Stones continuously release easily absorbed, ionized minerals into the water. These minerals include calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc and other trace minerals. It makes your water taste as fresh as a mountain stream.
    $39.99 $33.89
    Picture of Refillable Water Jug Lids - 1 each

    Refillable Water Jug Lids - 1 each

    Keep your water cool and fresh, and most importantly, contained, with these lids for refillable water jugs. By using a refillable water jug, you're making an eco-friendly choice that leads to less disposable plastic bottles littering landfills.
    Picture of Sport Cap 3.0 - 1 each

    Klean Kanteen

    Sport Cap 3.0 - 1 each

    When you're preparing for a hard workout, put Klean Kanteen's Sport Cap 3.0 on your water bottle. This soft silicone spout has an improved valve which makes it easy to operate with only one hand. Best of all, the cap is still dishwasher safe.
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