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    Hippie Snacks

    Hippie Snacks got its start in Burnaby, British Columbia, when a handful of people had an idea to do things a little differently. They were working as distributors for another brand of tortilla chips that wasn’t selling well. When they asked the retailers why, the retailers told them that all tortilla chips taste the same, so why would one brand sell better than the others? That offhand comment provided the spark for Hippie Snacks. The group realized that there must be a different way to make a great-tasting, healthy tortilla chip. They came up with several new flavours that used whole food ingredients because they knew that real food tasted better. Their healthy tortilla chips were a hit. Today, Hippie Snacks still believes in doing what’s best for both their customers and the environment. They don’t shy away from their wackiness, they embrace it, right down to Chili, their office dog.

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