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    Picture of Assorted Fine Chocolate - 16 x 6 g

    Master Chocolat

    Assorted Fine Chocolate - 16 x 6 g

    Renowned Master Chocolatier Bernard Callebaut has put together a selection of 16 of his finest chocolates. Locally made and featuring 100% premium ingredients, these chocolates are sure to impress anyone lucky enough to sample them.
    Picture of Brocco Chocco - 80 g


    Brocco Chocco - 80 g

    Created under the guidance of Master Chocolatier Bernard Callebaut, Newco’s Brocco Chocco is a delicious organic dark chocolate bar. Broccoli sprouts are hidden within this delectable treat, providing a nutritious boost for anyone lucky enough to use this to satisfy their chocolate craving.
    Picture of Candied Ginger
    Picture of Chocolate Almond Bark
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