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    Vegetable Entrees

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    Picture of Bowls - Chili Mac - 255 g
    Picture of Broccoli Pot Pie with Cheddar Sauce - 213 g


    Broccoli Pot Pie with Cheddar Sauce - 213 g

    Enjoy the classic taste of Amy's Broccoli Pot Pie with Cheddar Cheese Sauce. Stuffed inside of the flaky butter crust you'll find organic broccoli, russet potatoes and sweet carrots drenched in a simple, flavourful cheese sauce.
    Picture of Enchilada



    Andy and Rachel Berliner made their first pot pie in the cramped kitchen of their family home. While years have passed, the care and love they put into cooking each meal hasn't changed. They strive to do what's best for their customers, their farmers, their employees and the planet, which is why they've used organic farming methods since before organic farming was a thing.
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    Picture of Enchilada - Cheese - 255 g


    Enchilada - Cheese - 255 g

    It's comfort food, Mexican-style courtesy of Amy's Cheese Enchilada. Olives and peppers accent a delicious blend of cheese wrapped into tortillas made from ground organic corn. A traditional enchilada sauce covers the meal.
    Picture of Enchilada - Spanish Rice & Beans - 284 g


    Enchilada - Spanish Rice & Beans - 284 g

    It's comfort food, Mexican-style courtesy of Amy's Spanish Rice & Beans Enchilada Meal. Organic black beans and vegetables fill an organic corn tortilla which is covered with a traditional Mexican enchilada sauce. Spanish rice and pinto beans serve as a side.
    Picture of Indian Mattar Paneer - 284 g


    Indian Mattar Paneer - 284 g

    Give yourself a taste of the exotic, courtesy of Amy's Indian Mattar Paneer. An authentic spiced sauce covers organic peas and mild Indian cheese. Curried chana masala and organic basmati rice round out this super tasty, super hearty meal.
    Picture of Indian Vegetable Korma - 269 g


    Indian Vegetable Korma - 269 g

    Enjoy a taste of India, courtesy of Amy's Indian Vegetable Korma. A mild coconut milk curry sauce covers organic vegetables, raisins, cashews and tomatoes. On the side, you'll find organic basmati rice and a delicately spiced lentil stew.
    Picture of Macaroni & Cheese - 255 g


    Macaroni & Cheese - 255 g

    Do you want to feel like a kid again? Then try Amy's Macaroni & Cheese. In this household favourite, creamy cheese sauce covers homemade organic elbow macaroni. It contains no GMO ingredients and is certified kosher.
    Picture of Perogies

    Saucy Ladies


    If you want to try some of the best perogies in the country, you don't need to go any farther than Lethbridge. The Saucy Ladies use a combination of recipes passed down through generations and their own creations to make some of the most delicious perogies you'll ever taste.
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    Picture of Perogies



    Stellas Perogies began with a mother's love. Her son required a heavily restricted diet, but she wanted him to be able to enjoy the fun foods he used to love. Rather than purchase cardboard-tasting foods from the supermarket, this mother decided she'd work in her kitchen to create a line of fantastic gluten free foods that had a clean, homemade taste. Thus, Stellas Perogies was born.
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