THE MAGNIFICENT VAGAL NERVE:What Happens in Vagus, Doesn’t Stay In Vagus

Saturday, April 20 11:00AM

Our vagus nerve, also sometimes called the Soul nerve, is without a doubt one of the most interesting nerves in the human body. Please join Orsha Magyar on Saturday April 20th at 11am at Community Natural Foods 10th avenue location to learn how it impacts all of these key areas in the body and what we can do to support it.

• Parasympathetic regulation
• Brain-body communication
• Inflammatory control
• Stress response
• Gut-brain axis facilitation

Orsha Magyar is a neuroscientist certified in holistic nutrition who believes in going beyond the Band-Aid for brain and mental health. As Founder and CEO of NeuroTrition Inc., she and her team of neuroscientists, nutritionists and chefs bring neuroscience and nutrition to the table. Together. In the name of happier, healthier brains for everyone.



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