Seasonal Superfood ‘How-to’ – The Season of Spring – How to Heal your Liver & upgrade your health this Season

Saturday, May 13 11:00AM

In this ‘how-to’ demonstration class, Master Herbalist Derek Fleming of New Earth Organics will demonstrate how easy (and tasty) it can be to upgrade your health, heal your liver and avoid dis-ease this Spring - and beyond. Your Liver is one of the most essential organs when it comes to reversing and avoiding states of dis-ease, and the spring is the most important time of the year to create a positive health foundation for the next twelve months ahead. Modern day Liver disfunction has become a silent epidemic being one of the greatest health challenges humans have ever seen; arguably involved as a foundational issue in any imbalance or state of dis-ease that may arise. In this class Derek will explore the common ‘Liver’ issues faced while offering protective strategies and solutions for reversal of these issues.

Join Derek to learn some delicious recipes and practices that will help you supercharge your health, restore your liver, and overcome a wide variety of issues ranging from hormonal imbalances to cellular irregularities. This class will go over a short theory component discussing the what, why, & how of superfoods and tonic herbs for the liver and season of Spring - and then dive deep into an in-person demonstration how to craft tasty recipes and healing elixirs that you will be able to sample. The goal of this class to help supply you with essential herbal knowledge while guiding you to come up with your own elixir recipes, practices, and routines at home.

Please note: Unfortunately, we do not have wheelchair access at our 10th Ave event space

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