Natural Ways to Manage ADHD/ADD

Wednesday, December 7 7:00PM

Join Corey Deacon, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, to discuss the 11 subtypes of ADHD as seen in functional and structural neuroimaging. From here he will also address modalities and hacks to assist with the various subtypes of nervous system dysfunction that lead to improvements in ADHD symptoms. He will also discuss inflammation, metabolism, communication issues, hormones/neurotransmitters, circadian rhythm, and trauma as they pertain to symptoms of ADHD.

Corey Deacon, CFMP, MSc, DNM, BCN, FAARFM, ABAAHP, QEEG-D(cand.) is more than a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner — he’s a patient advocate who will listen to each symptom and every concern with the patience of a trusted friend. With an extensive knowledge bank of hands-on experience, Corey shares his confidence and capabilities to power an actionable change in your overall wellness.

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