Men Age Differently!

Thursday, November 3 7:00PM

Join RoseMarie Pierce to learn about Positive Aging and Sexual Health for Men

Men Age Differently!

Not everyone ages in the same manner. Since the year 2000, world-wide stats indicate women outlive men. This is partially due to earlier onset of certain age-related diseases, especially cardiovascular disease (CVD), neurodegenerative diseases (dementia, Parkinson’s disease) and prostate issues (prostate cancer & BPH) in men.

The earlier men start thinking about how they age, the better. Already by early middle-age, men can experience accelerated aging. It is now recommended by longevity experts for men to start protecting their heart, hormones, and other age-rated biomarkers early in life. Even their 20’s is not too early!

Often, an awareness of the underlying issue is more than half the solution. At any age, a man’s commitment to incorporate healthy choices may prove a vital step toward promoting his longevity, quality of life and sexual health.

RoseMarie Pierce, B.Sc.Pharm, has earned her degree in Pharmacy from Dalhousie University in 1972. After extensive studies in herbal and nutritional medicine, RoseMarie integrated these disciplinary practices with her pharmacy education to become Canada’s first Holistic Pharmacist. She is recognized as one of Canada’s foremost integrated health spokespeople.

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