Have a Healthy Pregnancy & Prepare for Baby!

Wednesday, September 13 6:30PM

Are you currently pregnant or in postpartum recovery? Have you been looking for ways to empower yourself in preparation for your desired birth story? Well, look no further because this seminar is for you!

Join Cora and Liana from Lumira Pelvic Health & Wellness on September 13, 2023 for an in-depth discussion on how pelvic floor physiotherapy and reflexology can support your changing body throughout the incredible experience of childbirth...

We will discuss the role of each healthcare practice as it pertains to each stage of pregnancy, labour, and postpartum recovery. We will also discuss helpful resources for new mums and answer all of your burning questions.

While having a baby can be a lot of work, you do not have to do it alone. With support from us here at Lumira, we would be honoured and delighted to serve you throughout this amazing experience!

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