Gut Check: Naturopathic Assessment & Treatment of Common GI Concerns

Wednesday, January 24 6:00PM

An instore event at our Crowfoot Market in Calgary. Exploring the naturopathic approach to healing a ‘broken gut’.

Bloating? Constipation? Food reactions? Loose stools? What causes these problems? In this presentation, we will explore the naturopathic approach to healing a ‘broken gut’. Dr. Warwick will highlight testing options for the gut microbiome, pathogens and parasites, inflammatory markers, SIBO, and gut barrier integrity. He'll also run through real-world test results and successful treatment plans.

Dr. Tim Warwick is a naturopathic doctor and medical director of The Longevity Lab in Calgary, AB. He has been fortunate to work with a wide variety of patients with an even wider variety of health concerns. Dr. Warwick takes an integrative approach when assessing and treating his patients, which results in conscientious and well-rounded care. He is especially interested in cardiometabolic health, chronic infections, gastrointestinal health, autoimmune disease, environmental factors in illness, and longevity medicine. To learn more about Dr. Tim and his credentials, click here

Community Natural Foods Crowfoot - 850 Crowfoot Crescent Northwest Calgary, AB T3G 4M4

Free Registration

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