Bulletproof Immunity - How to build your best immune system this cold and flu season (Webinar)

Thursday, September 15 7:00PM – Thursday, September 15 8:00PM

In this public lecture, Derek Fleming - Founder and Master Herbalist of New Earth Organics will guide us through the season of Autumn - the dreaded cold and flu season. During this webinar we will explore the immune system from both a Western and Eastern Herbology viewpoint and combine that with the wisdom of Taoist Tonic Herbalism and the power of 'Seasonal Attunement.'

Autumn is 'Lung season' in Tonic Herbalism and is one of the most important times of year to build a strong immune system for the next twelve months ahead - as proper lung function is necessary to keep us healthy and to help ward off both illness and disease. Embracing the rhythms of nature this fall with specific Tonic herbs and seasonal practices is essential to ensuring a harmonized defensive immune system while balancing an overactive immune system (autoimmune).  

During this webinar you will learn:

-Herbs & Medicinal Mushrooms that are the best this time of year for ensuring robust health, balanced immune function and enhanced longevity

-How the Fall (Lung season) is one of the most important times of the year 

-The best Seasonal practices to use in conjunction with Tonic Herbs

-How to improve an overactive or depressed immune system

-Fall ‘how-to’ recipes & practices that will help you avoid every cold and flu "going around" while improving your lungs, lymphatic and digestive systems with focus on the prevention of future health issues

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