Brain Detox: Discover the Glymphatic System that we Never Knew we Had

Thursday, November 23 7:00PM

Have you heard about the Glymphatic System yet? Only discovered a decade ago, its critical role in brain and mental health is proving to be tremendous.

Join Orsha Magyar, neuroscientist and certified in holistic nutrition, to learn about your brain’s waste disposal system for best prevention of many neurological diseases as well as optimizing cognitive function. Let’s age gracefully together.

Orsha Magyar is a neuroscientist certified in holistic nutrition who believes in going beyond the Band-Aid for brain and mental health. As Founder and CEO of NeuroTrition Inc., she and her team of neuroscientists, nutritionists and chefs bring neuroscience and nutrition to the table. Together. In the name of happier, healthier brains for everyone. 

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