Bee vs Bee: How Honeybees May Impact Native Bees

Tuesday, March 12 6:00PM

Explore the intricate dynamics of bee interactions in the workshop "Bee vs. Bee: Unraveling the Impact of Honeybees on Native Bee Populations." Join Ron Miksha, a seasoned researcher from the University of Calgary, as he delves into his recent findings regarding the coexistence of non-native honeybees and their impact on native bee communities. With decades of experience in the realm of bees, Ron is a recognized authority who often shares his insights on pollinator importance for ecological balance through various podcasts and news interviews.

During this engaging workshop, Ron will unveil the fascinating life cycles of different bee species, shedding light on their unique approaches to finding flowers and carrying out pollination. Gain valuable insights into the potential conflicts that arise between diverse bee types, as Ron explores the complex interplay within these crucial pollinators' ecosystems. Don't miss this opportunity to deepen your understanding of the intricate relationships between honeybees and native bees in the captivating world of pollination.

Free Registration! All participants will receive a post-event in-store shopping offer courtesy of Community Natural Foods and seed packets of native plants sourced from ALCLA Native Plants (a locally owned and managed nursery).

Registration Here

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