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    Bob's Red Mill

    Before you learn about Bob’s Red Mill, you need to learn about the man behind it: Bob Moore. Alongside his wife, Charlee, he founded Bob’s Red Mill as a labour of love. For over 3 decades Bob has committed himself and his company to providing people everywhere with the best quality foods available. His passion for healthy foods is only matched by his passion for taking care of those around him. How far does this passion stretch? On Bob’s 81st birthday, instead of giving his employees gifts, he created the Employee Stock Ownership Program and made everyone an employee-owner. Bob believes that everyone should be able to enjoy healthy whole grain products. That’s why they’re not satisfied with simply delicious products, they’ve also created great-tasting gluten free products. This means gluten free flours, cereals and baking mixes. To ensure the integrity of their gluten free products, Bob’s Red Mill has built a separate gluten free facility that contains specialized machinery to keep their gluten free products pure.

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    Picture of Mighty Tasty Hot Cereal - 680 g

    Bob's Red Mill

    Mighty Tasty Hot Cereal - 680 g

    Freshly milled whole grain brown rice, corn, buckwheat and sorghum come together in Bob’s Red Mill’s Mighty Tasty Hot Cereal. You should know that despite its name, buckwheat is unrelated to wheat and contains no gluten, making this cereal a great way to start your gluten free day.
    Picture of Millet - 793 g

    Bob's Red Mill

    Millet - 793 g

    The next time you’re making a whole grain salad, try using Bob’s Red Mill’s Millet. This gluten free ancient grain cooks quickly and has a pleasantly mild, slightly sweet flavour. You should try it in your next stir fry or substitute it for rice in pilafs.
    Picture of Muesli - Paleo Style - 396 g

    Bob's Red Mill

    Muesli - Paleo Style - 396 g

    Start your day off right with Bob’s Red Mill’s Muesli. This blend of wholesome ingredients tastes terrific as a cereal with cold milk, heated up in the microwave, or mixed in with yogurt and fresh fruit.
    Picture of Organic Steel Cut Oats - 680 g
    Picture of Paleo Baking Flour - 545 g
    Picture of Pizza Crust Mix - 453 g

    Bob's Red Mill

    Pizza Crust Mix - 453 g

    Enjoy gluten free pizza directly from your oven, courtesy of Bob’s Red Mill’s Pizza Crust Mix. Made using whole grain brown rice flour, this gluten free mix is the easy way to make a light, crispy and delicious pizza crust. Each package of mix bakes up 2 12” gluten free pizza crusts.
    Picture of Polenta Corn Grits - 680 g

    Bob's Red Mill

    Polenta Corn Grits - 680 g

    If you need to make a quick and healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner, try using Bob’s Red Mill’s Polenta Corn Grits. This freshly milled organic corn meal makes a great porridge and is also indispensable when you’re whipping up a classic Italian polenta.
    Picture of Potato Starch - 624 g
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