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    Picture of Black Cherry Concentrate

    Bernard Jensen's

    Black Cherry Concentrate

    For 60 years, Dr. Bernard Jensen spent his career successfully treating patients in health sanitariums and health ranches. During that time, he wrote numerous books about professional Iridology and digestive health and became one of the foremost leaders in natural medicine. To share this knowledge, he founded his namesake company. After he passed, his son Art Jensen took up his father’s passion for holistic health and became acting president of Bernard Jensen’s.
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    Picture of Black Cherry Concentrate - 474 ml

    Bernard Jensen's

    Black Cherry Concentrate - 474 ml

    Add a burst of healthy cherry flavour to your next drink or make your own juice using Bernard Jensen’s Black Cherry Concentrate. This extra thick concentrate is made using the entire fruit, including the skin and pit. It’s a good source of iron.
    Picture of Skin Brush - 1 each

    Bernard Jensen's

    Skin Brush - 1 each

    Remove dead skin with Bernard Jensen's Skin Brush. The handle and the detachable brush-head are crafted from domestic beechwood, and it's perfect for getting those hard to reach spots. The bristles come from Tampico fibre and won't scratch your skin.
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