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    Bear and the Flower Farm

    After selling all of their cattle in 2013, Christopher and Jessica Fasoli found that they missed working with animals. They decided to take a leap of faith, leave their fulltime jobs and become outdoor free-range natural pig farmers. After all: how different could it be from raising cattle? Over the next 3 months, the pair drilled a well, installed swine automatic waterers, built 11 acres of fence, shipping shoots, a biosecurity change shack, huts and automatic feeders and everything else their new friends would require. They didn’t want their pigs to spend their lives cooped up, they wanted them to be able to roam around and enjoy a natural life. In the summer, the pigs get to enjoy the great outdoors. In the chilly Alberta winter these pigs have an 11-acre paddock they can stay inside to keep warm, complete with mud wallows. Bear and the Flower Farm works with a certified swine nutritionist to develop nutritious, natural, plant-based feed rations. All of the feed is free from GMOs, antibiotics, hormones and animal by-products.

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