New & Unique Products for the Holiday Season

Monday November 26, 2018

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The holiday parties have started and Black Friday has come and gone. Christmas is less than a month away – do you know where all your keto and vegan goodies are? Having a loved one that is on a particular diet can be a struggle to commit to during the holiday season. Luckily Community Natural Foods has treats and eats for everyone! Below we’ve broken out a few of the popular categories that people shop for during the holidays and all categories include Gluten-Free products which have been marked with an asterisk(*). From vegan cheeses to keto truffles to cannabis sativa lotions, Community Natural Foods has all the unique gifts and foods needed for the holiday season.

For the Keto
Suzie’s Good Fats Bars *

Sweet Monk liquid monk fruit sweetener *
Goodness Healthy Eating Keto Truffles *
Bear & Flower pork belly - local

Community Naturals organic cauliflower rice - local
Community Naturals Raw Almond Hummus - local


For the Vegan
Nooch Pop – Non-GMO *

Fatso High Performance peanut butter *

Shockingly Healthy Chickpea Brownies *

Califia Plant Based ‘nog & milks – carrageenan free *
Hippie Foods Avocado & Cauliflower Crisps*
Basic Roots Vegan Truffled Brie - local *
Welo bars *
Community Naturals 3 layer vegan dip - local
Community Naturals Gingerbread Lemon vegan cupcakes – local
Community Naturals vegan Shortbread 6 pack - local

Community Naturals vegan Ginger Cookies 6 pack - local


Healthy Body

Le Comptoir Aroma Sahara Mist Diffuser
Alberta Naturals The Basics Essential Oil Set *

Benecos organic cosmetics

Andalou Naturals CannaCell facial & body care *

Holiday Cooking
Micro YYC microgreens - local
Organic Girl salad dressings *
McClintock’s buffalo milk yogurt

Fromagerie Nouvelle France sheep milk yogurt

Bear & Flower tomahawk pork chop
Community Naturals Organic Mire Poix

Alberta Natural Products baking mixes
Truly Turmeric paste *

Drizzle Superfood flavoured honey *

Fody Foods FODMAP friendly salsa *

Good Food For Good date sweetened ketchup
Winters free range & organic turkeys – local PRE-ORDER YOURS HERE


Quick Treats & Appetizers for Holiday Entertaining
Harmonic Arts 5 Mushroom Drinking Chocolate – local *

Laird Superfood Creamer *
Mans Eggnog - local

Community Naturals quinoa sushi rolls - local
True Buch Kombucha - local

Community Naturals mincemeat pie - local
Cheese Islands cheese

Fiasco Gelato Eggnog Gelato – local *