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Energizing Essential Oil Blend

Need some energy today? Mix up this oil blend and add to your diffuser for an energizing effect.

Sleepy Time Essential Oils Blend

Need a better nights sleep? Mix up this oil blend and add to your diffuser for a deep slumber.

Wake Up to a Better Day with a Good Nights Rest

Sleep, the time of day where we can just let go and rejuvenate our bodies and minds. Of all health topics this is one of the more important ones to really master.

Preserving Your Summer Harvest

Everyone looks forward to fall and the beautiful fruits and vegetables that are harvested. Not only are they bursting with flavor but they are also the best price of the season. Be sure to stock up on your favorite fruits and vegetables and preserve them for the winter.

DIY with Essential Oils

While Community Natural Foods certainly has plenty of options for all natural home and body products, sometimes it’s fun to make your own!

Meet the Vendor: Poplar Bluff

Poplar Bluff has been in operation since 1985, under the competent eye of enthusiastic farmer/owner Rosemary Wotske

8 Easy Ways to Use Essential Oils

Take care of yourself and your loved ones in a natural and holistic way with essential oils.

Alberta Natural Products New Product Launch

Innovation at a great price sums up the Alberta Natural Product manufacturing philosophy

8 Tips on Eating Mindfully for Better Health

Food is such a blessing; nourishment for our bodies and enjoyment for our senses. In our culture food is used to celebrate, to entertain, as gifts, for pleasure and more. However, when food becomes your main way to cope with stress then weight and health issues may result. Mindful eating can help.

What to look for in Food & Product Labels

With sustainability and organic food being a “trendy” topic lately, many food companies are piggy backing off of this without putting in the work, leaving consumers confused as to what is organic and what is just a downright marketing-ploy (think of brands using “all-natural”, “green” or “whole” without any further certification).

How Do I Avoid GMOs?

Despite having gained a great deal of media attention in the last couple of years, the subject of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) is still a confusing one. Here are a few great tips to make the identification and avoidance of GMOs a bit easier

What are Organic Foods?

Organic foods have taken the world by storm in recent years as more people become aware of the connection between the foods that they eat, their health, and the well-being of the environment.