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Preserving Your Summer Harvest

Everyone looks forward to fall and the beautiful fruits and vegetables that are harvested. Not only are they bursting with flavor but they are also the best price of the season. Be sure to stock up on your favorite fruits and vegetables and preserve them for the winter.

Detox from Stampede

Whether you love or hate Stampede, the hustle & bustle and a lot of yahooing impacts all of us Calgarians. However you chose to participate in Stampede, you’re likely feeling pretty sluggish now that it’s over. Community Natural Foods is here to get you back into your routine and feeling back in tip top shape!

Camping Tips for the Vegan/Vegetarian

It’s the May Long Weekend, which means camping season has begun! Whether you’re looking at cutting back your meat consumption, or a vegan lifer, sometimes preparing for a camping trip can seem a bit daunting for the vegan in the group. We’ve put together a list of essentials to bring, some tips and some delicious recipes that will make your meat-eater friends wish they could have your food!

Top 10 Food Items Under $10

Community Natural Foods has thousands of products under $10 including many of our Community Naturals Grab & Go lunches, yummy treats and even some vitamins & supplements! Here are some of our top picks of food items.

Top 10 Health & Body Care Items Under $10

Community Natural Foods has thousands of products under $10 including many of our Community Naturals Grab & Go lunches, yummy treats and even some vitamins & supplements! Here are some of our top picks of items in Health & Body Care.

Karlene Karst on Family, Health & Balance at 40

As every mother knows, motherhood is a journey that no one really prepares you for. It is a love so selfless, so caring, and unconditional, that if someone had told me I would feel this way, it might have been hard for me to believe. The joys and challenges are immense – the highest of highs, mixed in with the lowest of lows. It truly is the hardest job in the world. For the better part of the past decade I was pregnant, breastfeeding, or in a hormonally induced haze of sleep deprivation and emotional fatigue. Yet, I know that motherhood is by far the greatest gift I have ever been given. My three children are my best and proudest accomplishment; they have taught me more than any self-help book, leadership program, or business course ever could. I also learned about my body and its health; that I needed more energy than ever before; that sleep was essential, and that I had to figure out how to fill my own cup with patience, without forgetting to nurture myself so I could be the best mom I could be. And still be me!

Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance

Unlocking the Puzzle Dr Karen Jensen, retired NDSometimes coming up with a diagnosis or a treatment plan for a patient is like working a complicated puzzle – the broad outlines come together easily, but getting to the details that complete the picture can be tricky. In my books on women’s health I provide a tool to help women see more clearly what’s going on with their hormone health by looking at symptoms. And now I’m sharing this tool with you

Why Muffins (and your muffin top!) are Waking You Up at Night

You’re lying awake at 3:00am, again! What is going on? Well, according to Dr Kate Rheume, ND, your muffin top could be a factor, along with the muffins and other blood-sugar spiking carbohydrates that  created it! Dr Kate has been doing lecture on sleep disruptions for years and wants to let you know there is a light at the end of tunnel, particularly for the 3am wake up.

Dinner for 2 Under $25 at Community Natural Foods

Living a healthy lifestyle can put a pretty good dent in your wallet. From $25 drop-in fees at boxing clubs to $20 jars of ghee, our wellness journey can sometimes get pretty expensive. To help you out, we’ve come up with a few meals you can feed yourself and another loved one that are under $25 at Community Natural Foods.

Are Reusable Bags Really Good For the Environment?

When you purchase a reusable bag you think you're making the right choice for the environment, right? That is certainly what has been drilled into us for the last number of years, but, when you drill down the sustainability of reusable bags is questionable- depending on how you use them.

Demystifying Cholesterol, By DrNavNirat Nibber ND

Cholesterol is used as a base for the production of steroid hormones, bile salts, and vitamin D as well as maintaining cell membrane fluidity. Without cholesterol we would not be able to properly digest foods, our cell structure would not be able to withstand any changes in temperature, and a significant number of important hormones such as estrogen, and testosterone could not be produced.

Tips for the Urban Gardener

For those that live in condos or secondary suites, gardening may come as more of a challenge. Fear not city dwellers, we have some tips on how you too can find the satisfaction of growing your own produce.