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    Hygge for the Holidays
    All things Vitamin D
    How to Enhance Your Eye Makeup - Mask Wearing Tips
    We had the pleasure of learning from Nicole Saxton, a Calgary based Luxury Wedding & Commercial Makeup Artist, on how to enhance your eye makeup while wearing a mask.
    8 Supplements that Optimize Immune Health
    Our bodies are simply amazing. They take vigil 24/7 ensuring our health and safety are of the highest priority. Our immune system specifically leads our ability to resist disease through the activities of specialized cells and systems in the body. Without this system and many others great health would not be possible.
    Skin Care Tips For Mask Acne, Eczema and Rosacea
    Mask wearing is an essential part of keeping the spread of COVID 19, however, it may come with some skin irritations for the general public. During summer, when temperature and humidity are high, wearing a mask could affect both our comfort and the health of our skin. There are two main ways face masks can damage the skin;; firstly, direct friction can lead to the skin barrier disruption, irritation and inflammation;; secondly, masks can trap oil, dirt and sweat on the skin, leading to flares of conditions such as acne, eczema and rosacea.
    9 Things You Can do with your Coffee Grounds
    There’s nothing like the aroma of a fresh brewed coffee. Why kill that vibe? Coffee grounds can be re-used and re-purposed after they’ve been brewed! Here’s a few of our favourite uses for coffee grounds.
    Meet Rosso Coffee
    If you live anywhere near inner city Calgary, you’ve likely heard of Rosso. Rosso is a local coffee roaster that has been around since 2007 and was started by David Torode with his brother Cole joining on in 2010. They now have 7 locations in Calgary, as well as an online store. Community Natural Foods also carries their coffee beans.
    5 Natural Bug Repellents
    We know with the warm weather comes those pesky bugs. Whether you want to ward off ticks or keep the mosquitos at bay, there’s a few natural products you can use. And that is why we like to stick to the natural stuff. Here are 4 of the bug sprays we carry (plus a recipe to make your own outdoor spray!)
    CNF x Alvéole: Facts about Bees
    Community Natural Foods has some buzzing new employees. That’s right – we’ve got bees! In partnership with Alvéole we are now hosting beehives are each of our store locations. Thousands of bees will be pollinating the urban flora that surrounds us during these next summer months.
    Natural Solutions to Help Reduce Seasonal Allergies
    The Benefits of Urban Gardens & Beekeeping
    An urban beehive is an unparalleled educational tool as well as a promoter of important attitude changes with respect to the environment. And, it can have a positive impact on the surrounding ecosystem! That’s why Community Natural Foods now have beehives at each of our store locations! The installation of a hive in an urban environment requires minimal resources, but brings a flood of direct and indirect benefits, notably social and ecological. The practice brings together city dwellers, allows the repurposing of an unused space, highlights a variety of issues related to the environment, industrial agriculture, pollination and greening while producing local, artisanal honey.
    Is Grilled Food Carcinogenic?
    t’s summer – the lilacs are in bloom and in every neighbourhood you walk through, there’s a smell in the air of grilling! And with many spending more time in the backyard this summer, we wondered, is bbqing actually good for us, or is it possibly carcinogenic?