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    Picture of Cultured Almondmilk


    Cultured Almondmilk

    Satisfy your craving for creamy dairy with Amande's vegan-friendly line of products. They make all of their non-dairy products with almonds and sweeten them with natural fruit juice flavouring from sun-ripened fruits. This is the non-dairy alternative you've been dreaming about.
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    Picture of Cultured Almondmilk - Plain - 680 g


    Cultured Almondmilk - Plain - 680 g

    Don't sacrifice creaminess or flavour when you're trying to boost your health. Instead, try Amande's Cultured Almondmilk. Fruit juices sweeten this vegan-friendly and soy free treat, which contains 6 live active cultures for your digestive health.
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