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    Picture of 5 Stage Filter - 1 each


    5 Stage Filter - 1 each

    Give yourself the finest, cleanest and greatest tasting mineralized alkaline water possible by using Santevia’s 5 Stage Filter. This simple filter gets rid of common contaminants while fortifying your water with trace minerals and balancing its pH.
    Picture of Alkaline Water Pitcher Filter - 3 count


    Alkaline Water Pitcher Filter - 3 count

    Enjoy the taste of mineralized, alkaline water at home, courtesy of Santevia’s Alkaline Water Pitcher. This hand-held pitcher fits in the door of your refrigerator and works to restore your tap water to its mineral-rich state. Replace your pitcher’s filter every 60 days or 300 litres.
    Picture of Ceramic Pre-Filter - 1 each


    Ceramic Pre-Filter - 1 each

    Remove rust, sediment, bacteria, germs and parasites from your water by using Santevia’s Ceramic Pre-Filter. This filter is made from highly compressed and fired diatomaceous earth. It is the first stage in the Santevia Gravity System.
    Picture of Alkaline Water Pitcher Filter


    Alkaline Water Pitcher Filter

    Santevia created their alkaline water filter system to help restore your body's natural pH level. Their story began when co-founder David Anderson was diagnosed with chronic acid reflux. Unwilling to take a pharmaceutical, he worked with co-founder Yvonne Anderson to find a solution. This led them to a Japanese technology that transformed tap water into mineralized drinking water that helped David. Now they share that technology with you.
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    Picture of Original Sea Soil - 32 L
    Picture of Countertop with Flouride Filter - 1 each


    Countertop with Flouride Filter - 1 each

    Turn your tap water into clean, great tasting, mineralized alkaline water using the power of gravity alone, thanks to Santevia’s Countertop with Fluoride Filter. This filter gets rid of fluoride without leaving residual aluminum or other contaminants behind.
    Picture of Super Oxygen H2O2 - 35% Hydrogen Peroxide - 1 L

    Gold Top Organics

    Super Oxygen H2O2 - 35% Hydrogen Peroxide - 1 L

    If you're looking for an alternative to chlorine in your spa or hot tub, consider trying Gold Top Organics' Super Oxygen H2O2. This cleaner and sanitizer is capable of replacing many chemical cleaners in your home. It's also ideal for sanitizing cutting boards and scrub brushes.
    Picture of Potting Mix with Sea Soil - 20 L
    Picture of Bathroom Tissue - 12 count

    Silk'n Soft

    Bathroom Tissue - 12 count

    On your most sensitive parts, you want to use something soft. That's why you should check out Silk'n Soft's Bathroom Tissue. Made from bamboo, this luxurious bathroom tissue is both soft and environmentally friendly.
    Picture of Tealight Bonus Pack - 8 count

    Honey Candles

    Tealight Bonus Pack - 8 count

    Light your home with the tealights in Honey Candles' Tealight Bonus Pack. These candles are handmade using 100% pure Canadian beeswax. They give off a soothing natural scent and a warm glow, and they contain absolutely no toxic ingredients.
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