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    Why Shop Local?

    Why Shop Local?

    As a 43 year old local business in Calgary, we believe strongly in supporting local producers, manufacturers and non-profits. That’s why we’ve launched CNF Family Farms, to showcase the organic farmers that we work with…some that have been with us since we opened our doors 40 years ago!

    When you see the CNF Family Farms logo you’ll know that the produce is family farm direct, local and organic, that the farmer relationships often span decades, and that our produce manager Frank Sarro does annual farm visits.

    We believe it’s important to shop local when it comes to fruits & vegetables because:

    • produce is fresher
    • produce is nutrient dense
    • reduces your carbon footprint
    • supports your local economy
    • Seasonal eating
    • It tastes better

    Local Produce is Fresher and Nutrient Dense

    Because the produce is picked when ripe, you are getting a far more fresh piece of produce! When you purchase conventional produce from the US or Mexico, it is often picked before fully ripened so that by the time it arrives on shelves, it is closer to its ripened state (and often times, this means it’s been sprayed with herbicides to either quicken or slow down the ripening process).  Local produce is picked when ripe, which means that it retains its full nutrient and vitamin content.

    Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

    Local says it all – your food isn’t travelling far to get to your plate, which means it uses less gas and energy to get to its destination. Local was defined by the 2008 US Farm Act as locally produced agricultural food product that is marketed less than 400 miles from its origin. Because Calgary can’t grow certain crops like peaches and apples, Community Natural Foods includes interior BC and Okanagan as part of our local Family Farms. This includes some of our long standing partnerships with farms like Secrest Farms in Oliver, BC and Zebroff Farms in Similkameen Valley, BC.

    Support Your Local Economy (or Farmer)

    According to REAP, a not-for-profit association for locally owned in Calgary, locally owned businesses spend 25% more of their revenue locally. This means your money recirculates in Calgary 2-4 times when you shop local products at local businesses, like Community Natural Foods. When the New Economics Foundation compared buying produce at a big box store to buying at a local farmers market, CSA or local grocery store, they found that two times the amount of money stayed in the community when they bought local ingredients.

    Shop for Produce in Season

    Eating in harmony with the cycles of nature connects us more deeply to the earth, which in turn, may help us get in touch with ourselves and our natural rhythms. It also opens the door to a different way of eating that could result in you eating a wider variety of foods! In the winter we look for hearty foods (like stews with Poplar Bluff potatoes) to keep us warm through the -40 days, whereas in the summer we look for refreshing foods, like Mans cucumbers and melons, to keep us cool.

    When have you the choice, choose local. At Community Natural Foods we offer produce from our CNF Family Farms, found in Alberta and BC, and 99% of our produce is organic, so you can cross that off your list too.

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