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    How to Enhance Your Eye Makeup - Mask Wearing Tips

    How to Enhance Your Eye Makeup - Mask Wearing Tips

    We had the pleasure of learning from Nicole Saxton, a Calgary based Luxury Wedding & Commercial Makeup Artist, on how to enhance your eye makeup while wearing a mask. 

    With masks being mandatory, this is a great opportunity to play up your eye makeup and get creative with colour. Here at Community Natural Foods, we have an array of clean beauty makeup brands that are not only beautiful on the skin, but are healthy for you and the environment as well.

    Nicole has created this look, and shared some of her favourite eye makeup tips and tricks using cosmetics and the skincare line, Annemarie Borlind. The brand has a beautiful selection of eyeshadows and eyeliners. From basics to bright, this line has it all. Even better, their cosmetics feel so soft and light on the skin while providing a lot of impact. Their natural ingredients are safe for the skin and also provide hydration and anti-aging properties. It’s like skincare hidden inside makeup.

    "The look we are doing can be created using a variety of colours. Some of my favourite combinations are dark grey/silver or light blue, brown/apricot, champagne or gold, purple/pink, dark green/champagne."

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    Step 1: To begin, we will be doing a technique called a ‘candlelit’ or ‘halo’ eye. This means that the centre of the eye has a lighter colour than the inner and outer corner, creating a flame or halo effect. I’ve chosen the eyeshadow colour Mocha and am using a fluffy blending brush to blend in through the outer corner, crease and inner corner. Start at the outer edge first to prevent over application of the product. Make sure you do not put the product through the centre of the lid. We want to keep that blank for the next step.

    Step 2: Taking a flat sided brush, I am using the shade Golden Green and placing it in the middle of the eye, directly in line with the iris. I’ve chosen this light green colour because it brings out the gold and green in my eyes. However, you can choose other colours such as a Gold, Silver, Apricot, Blue Pearl, or Light Rose if you prefer.

    Step 3: To diffuse the colour and create more of a transition between my crease colour and my eyebrow bone, I’m using a fluffy brush to blend the colour Nude slightly above my crease. Do this lightly to create a beautiful transition between the colours.

    Step 4: I apply the eyebrow crayon in Brown Pearl in my eyebrows where needed. I don’t fill in the whole brow, and instead I focus on where my brows are thinner or have less colour. Apply it using a light hand and create hair-like strokes. You can also brush your brow hairs out or tone down any product with the brush on the end of this product.

    Step 5: I used a concealer to hide any dark circles. Annemarie Borlind’s Concealing Pen is one of my favourites. Not only does it provide great coverage for those dark under eye circles, the pen-like applicator makes it easy to apply.

    Step 6: Use a small brush to go underneath your eye with the eyeshadows we used on the lid. Use Mocha on the inner and outer corners, and Golden Green in the middle.

    Step 7: I’ve chosen the Dark Green eyeliner to go with this look, but you can stick with traditional brown/black, or even a brighter colour depending on the eyeshadow colours you choose. I’ve drawn a small wing by pretending to draw a line from the very outer edge of my eye up to the end of my brow. Use the sponge on the opposite end of the eyeliner to smoke out or diffuse the look. You can use the same colour to apply eyeliner in the inner water line. I’ve chosen to use Brown Black eyeliner to add some more intensity.

    Step 8: After curling lashes, apply a few good coats of mascara. I love using the Precision and Care mascara because it makes your lashes incredibly long while allowing them to still be flexible. This mascara also has healing oils in it, making it safe to use on people who have damaged lashes or sensitive eyes. If your lashes are recovering from eyelash extensions, this mascara is what you want!

    Pro Tip: If you get mascara smudges on your eyeshadow, let it dry before trying to remove it. Once it’s dry, take your blending brush and wipe it away/buff it out. This is much more effective then trying to remove it while it is still wet.



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