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    Healthy Ways to Avoid the Sugar Rush of Trick or Treating

    Healthy Ways to Avoid the Sugar Rush of Trick or Treating

    It’s inevitable that if your child goes out trick or treating they WILL get sugary treats and chocolates. Here are some tricks to avoid a sugar rush:

    1. Fill up (prior). Make sure everyone has a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner before heading out. Similar to going to the grocery store on an empty stomach, the temptation is there to buy anything and everything because our stomach is saying “feed me!” An empty stomach while trick or treating will likely lead to nibbling on more than one chocolate bar.

    2. Add fat. When you add fat, your body absorbs sugar at a slower pace so you don’t get a big sugar spike. So when the kiddos are indulging in their sugary snacks, make sure you give them a spoonful of coconut oil or almond butter.

    3. Size matters. Rather than giving your kids the king size pillow case, opt for a smaller trick or treat bag or container. That way they can’t collect as much (hopefully they won’t catch on until they’re older).

    4. Experiment! Rather than finding ways to consume the candy, why not play with it? We found 13 creative ways to use candy, including as paint and science experiments.

    5. All in moderation. Keep your child’s (and maybe your) Halloween candy intake to one or two pieces a day. And try to consume it at least 2 hours before bedtime to allow your body time to digest properly so you don’t interrupt your sleep cycles. In order to avoid the temptation of grabbing those bite size treats, put them out of sight, high up in a closet. 

    6. Donate the rest. After a week, your kids will start to forget that Halloween even happened (there are already Christmas commercials after all). Maxwell Dental turns Halloween candy into MONEY! For every pound of candy you donate, they will give you $1. You can drop the candy off at their office on November 1.

    Happy Halloween!

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