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    DIY Digestive Bitters

    DIY Digestive Bitters


    Servings: 90 days

    Prep Time: 20 minutes + 20 days

    Cook Time: N/A



    26 of 100 proof vodka (we used Smirnoff 100)

    peel from 1 lemon

    2 tsp dried dandelion leaf

    2 tsp dried wormwood

    2 tsp dried peppermint

    2 inch of fresh ginger, chopped



    Add each ingredient into their own clean glass jar (one jar per ingredient).

    Measure our 4 oz of vodka and pour into each glass jar (each jar gets 4 oz).

    Label each jar with the date and what is in it.

    Store jars in a cool place up to 20 days.

    Shake the jars 1 or 2 times a day.

    Every few days, open the jars and sniff. If the smell is more of the ingredient than the vodka, then you can strain before 20 days.

    When ready, strain each of bitters with a strainer. If you are short on jars and bottles, strain the bitters jar into a measuring cup and clean out the jar before adding the bitters liquid back into that jar.

    Now you can experiment with combining the different bitters flavours! We provided a breakdown for Digestive Bitters below.

    Add bitters to water or drinks prior to eating a meal.

    Digestive Bitters (8 oz)

    4 oz peppermint bitters

    2 oz ginger bitters

    1 oz lemon bitters

    5 squirts dandelion bitters

    4 squirts wormwood bitters

    2 oz filtered water


    Why we chose these particular ingredients:
    Peppermint: known to help soothe the stomach and relax intestines
    Ginger: can assist with peristalsis and can reduce nausea
    Lemon: helps promote stomach acid secretion
    Dandelion: can assist with constipation and indigestion
    Wormwood: can help with intestinal spasms and has been known to support the liver


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