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    At Community Natural Foods we are dedicated to encouraging Calgarians and Canadians alike to live a healthier, more natural life and strive to support the health and well-being of our community.  We do this by following the moto of “Doing Business Right”, while trying to be good members of the community in which our business exists. 

    When you shop at a Community Natural Foods Market you can access a variety of health expertise through our passionate and knowledge staff or through some of the many great speakers that present at our free to attend public lecture series.  You can access many great weekly in store specials on a large variety of quality products that are natural, organic and sustainable in nature.   You can access the many great relationships we have spent time cultivating from community partners to relationships with local vendors and producers.  You can benefit from Community’s sponsorship and donations programs, or you can learn more about some of the amazing not-for-profit organizations that we try to shine the spot light on that do amazing things for people, the community and our planet!


    Change For The Earth Program

    Community Natural Foods kicked off the Change for the Earth Program on Earth Day 2012. We updated the program in 2019 to include all bags and containers, calling it # BYOC. Customers now receive a 2 cent credit for every bag and container they fill to donate  to any 1 of 3 non-profits showcased each month, representing PEOPLE, COMMUNITY, AND PLANET organizations.

    Below are a few of the organizations have been featured through the Change For The Earth program:

    Featured People Groups: 

    Potential Place, Youth Singers of Calgary, The Mustard Seed, Chrysalis, Calgary Dream Centre, Calgary Progressive Lifestyles Foundation, Potential Place, Brown Bagging for Calgary Street Kids, Calgary Poppy Fund/Veteran Foodbank, The Kerby Centre, Calgary Educational Partnership Foundation, Women in Need Society, The Third Academy, Youth Inclusive Neighbourhoods, Canadian Women’s Foundation, Grit Calgary Society, Calgary Drop Inn Centre, High Banks Society, Discovery House, Cerebral Palsy Association, Women’s Centre of Calgary, and The Children’s Cottage to name a few of the people groups we’ve showcased to date.

    Featured Community Groups: 

    Calgary Humane Society, Calgary Distress Centre, Slow Food Calgary, Inn From The Cold, Adoption Options, Breakfast Clubs of Canada, Vibrant Communities Calgary, Global Eyesight Now, Calgary Outlink, YMCA of Calgary, Tri-Commitment, Habitat for Humanity Calgary, Pawsitive Match Foundation, Calgary Meals on Wheels, Military Family Resource Centre, Calgary Interfaith Foodbank, Arusha Centre, and Rasta to name a few of the community groups we’ve showcased to date.

    Featured Planet Groups:

    REAP (Respect for the Earth and All People) Calgary, Sustainable Alberta, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS), Weaselhead Glenmore Park Preservation Society, Alberta Wilderness Association, Organic Alberta, The Evergreen Theatre, The Sierra Club – Chinook, Water Matters, Recycling Council of Alberta, Green Calgary, The Pembina Institute, Grizzly Bear Alliance, Parks Foundation, Friends of Fish Creek Society, Calgary Horticultural Society, Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society, Cows and Fish, and the Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation Society to name a few planet groups we’ve showcased to date. 



    Annually Community Natural Food provides in kind and financial support to over 50 local grass roots events and organizations. If you are interested in learning how your organization can access like-minded sponsorships and/or donations, please contact our Customer Care Department.


    myCNF Membership Program - Sign up in-store to be a part of the free myCNF Membership Program!  By becoming a myCNF member, you’ll receive membership pricing on all sales items, as well as exclusive contests, coupon offers & a birthday gift!  New this year are 40% off One Day Vendor Takeover Sales and 2-day 30% off Flash Sales. These sales may include lots of samples in-store, public lectures and consultations with health experts. Sign up for the newsletter for advance notice. Everyone that creates an account online is automatically enrolled in the membership program and will receive the savings.

    Weekly flyer – view online or sign up for the newsletter to have it delivered to your inbox.

    Flyer Matching- In addition to the savings in our weekly flyer, we honour the sale pricing of our health food store competitors. Simply go to the customer services desk and show the staff member the flyer price and they will adjust your bill accordingly.

    Great Price Every Day- We’ve taken several of our most popular products and priced them at very low prices to guarantee you the best deal on some of your everyday favourite items.

    Price Matching- If another health food store has a lower regular price on the same product we’ll match it, give you an additional *5% off and then change our prices ongoing.


    Who qualifies as an independent health food store:


    Blush Lane

    Planet Organic

    Sunnyside Market


    Which Products Qualify for price and flyer matching:

    Products must be the same brand name and product, in stock

    Limited-time or limited-quantity promotions aren't eligible

    Major holiday sales like Boxing Day or Black Friday are excluded

    We will not match competitor’s private label offers or other non-identical brands or other special offer types.

    This program excludes mandatory multi-buys; clearance items; percentage discounts; and discounts obtained through loyalty programs.

    The flyer match and price match programs are not available online

    We reserve the right to limit quantities.

    Our “local competitors” and “identical items” are determined by us.

    The flyer match program and price match programs may be modified or withdrawn at any time without notice.


    myCNF Price Matching

    *5% off is a one-time discount

    Please note that the seniors discount does not currently apply online.


    myCNF Verified

    Our standards for ingredients far exceed simply being legal and allowed for sale in Canada. Community Natural Foods regularly reviews studies and ratings by several different worldwide agencies and governments to ensure absolute safety. We are currently working with a 3rd party research firm to make ingredient decisions, from a health, ethical and environmental standpoint, easier for our customers. 





    At Community Natural Foods we believe in the wisdom of Mother Nature to heal. And out of deep respect for Her, we desire to operate with environmental sustainability prioritized. From waste reduction and energy efficient equipment to being the first to stop using plastic bags, we’re constantly looking at how to best protect our planet. Our current sustainability initiatives include:

    Managing Waste:

    Food Waste Diversion- We’re constantly monitoring our purchasing to minimize waste. We heavily discount prior to expiration date, re-purpose in our cafes, donate to Community Kitchen, our compost is picked up by HOP composters which convert our compost in to a sell-able garden product which we sell, we also give compost & other outdated suitable products to Alice sanctuary, Machula & a favourite farmer named Grace.

    Recycling - At our stores and head office, we use a private operator to recycle plastics, cardboard, paper, glass, tin and beverage containers.  Recognizing the impacts of kitchen waste (it creates harmful methane gas when in a landfill environment), we compost at all our locations as well.

    Composting - Compostable waste takes up about 40% of Calgary’s landfill space, which is expected to run out within 20 years.  For every 1 pound of food in landfill, there are about 4 pounds of methane emissions, which is the equivalent of 100 pounds of CO2 emissions. In 2015, Hop diverted 2,088,267 pounds of food scraps from the landfill, transforming it into Hop Organic Craft Compost, to benefit local growers. Each generation of food supports the next. Through our relationship with Hop, Community Natural Foods composts approximately 92 820 lbs. of waste annually.

    Reducing Food Miles - We work with local farmers and producers whenever possible to strengthen our local economy and reduce the footprint of the products we carry. We have formed relationships with producers of a wide variety of producers that represent everything from produce (carrots, beets, potatoes, tomatoes, etc.), grains and cereals, dairy products, mustard, honey, and fresh and frozen meats.

    Reducing Plastic:

    Plastic-Bag Free - We were Calgary's first grocer to go single-use plastic bag free. Instead, we offer a number of options for reusable bags including our 99 cent grocery bag made out of 100% recycled pop bottles. We also reward our customers for using reusable bags with a five cent incentive per bag used.

    Single Use Plastic Water Bottle Free- We were Calgary's first retail store to go single-use plastic water bottle free. Instead we offer a number of alternative options from home filtration to stainless steel water bottles with filtration on them

    Increasing Efficiencies:

    Alternative Ways to Heat Water - Fifty per cent of our head office hot water heating is solar powered.  Ninety per cent of our hot water at the Crowfoot Market is from re-claimed refrigeration heat. And at our 10th Ave and Chinook Markets we use the heat from refrigeration to help heat the delivery areas.

    Air Curtains - We have air curtains at the entrance of every store that keeps the elements out and the climate in.

    LED Lighting - Whenever possible we use led lighting and low-energy consumption lighting.

    Reverse Osmosis Water - All the water is sprinkled on our produce and used to wash produce and cook the food in our cafes and our commissary is put through the reverse osmosis system.

    Cleaning Products - We have moved away from harsh toxic chemicals. Our objective is to be 100% toxin and environmentally damaging product-free. We’re almost there.

    Building Supplies - When we do construction we re-use or give to Habitat for Humanity for re-use wherever possible. We also purchase second-hand whenever possible.

    Load shedding – on a hot day when you know equipment will be running on full, we look at what devices we can shut down for the day

    Night curtains that we cover our open refrigerators with at night be reduce energy consumption.

    We prioritize preventative maintenance to make sure product is working efficiently and lasts longer. This includes our corporate vehicles.


    We are always looking to improve and strengthen our commitment to the environment. If you have suggestions or feedback for us, please reach out.