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    Picture of Keto Strips - 100 count
    Picture of Beauty Cotton Rounds - 70 count


    Beauty Cotton Rounds - 70 count

    Manufactured from organic cotton, Organyc's Beauty Cotton Rounds feature a specifically embossed side that provides a deep and gentle cleansing experience. As an added bonus, the packaging is made with renewable raw materials, so these cotton rounds have a minimal impact on the environment.
    Picture of Neti Pot - 1 each

    Lumière de Sel

    Neti Pot - 1 each

    Clear out your sinuses with Luminere del Sel's Neti Pot. If you're desperately seeking relief from nasal discomfort, you can use this neti pot alongside a saline solution to gently wash away dust, pollen, irritants and excess mucus.
    Picture of Skin Brush - 1 each

    Bernard Jensen's

    Skin Brush - 1 each

    Remove dead skin with Bernard Jensen's Skin Brush. The handle and the detachable brush-head are crafted from domestic beechwood, and it's perfect for getting those hard to reach spots. The bristles come from Tampico fibre and won't scratch your skin.
    Picture of Nasaline Saline Solution Salt - 300 g


    Nasaline Saline Solution Salt - 300 g

    If your sinuses are plugged, and you need to rinse them out, rather than risk an allergic reaction, use Squip's Nasaline Saline Solution Salt. This highly purified sodium chloride is specifically made for use in mixing saline solution.
    Picture of Organic Cotton Wash Cloths - 5 count


    Organic Cotton Wash Cloths - 5 count

    If you're looking for a soft wash cloth to clean your face, check out Colibri's Organic Cotton Wash Cloths. These highly-absorbant wash cloths work best if you wash them a few times before using them for the first time.
    Picture of Shave 5 Replacement Blades - 4 count


    Shave 5 Replacement Blades - 4 count

    If you're running out of razors, get Preserve's Shave 5 Replacement Blades. These blades are coated in ceramic for improved comfort, and they feature a lubricating strip made with cocoa butter and aloe.
    Picture of The Perfect Body Brush - 1 each

    Urban Spa

    The Perfect Body Brush - 1 each

    Scrub those hard to reach spots with Urban Spa's Perfect Body Brush. Made from bamboo and natural bristle, you can use this brush to exfoliate before the shower, or to clean and massage your body while you're scrubbing off.
    Picture of Energy Brush - 1 each

    P. Jentschura

    Energy Brush - 1 each

    Give yourself a burst of energy with Dr. Jentschura's Energy Brush. Made from beech wood and featuring bronze and natural bristles, this brush comes with an adjustable hook and loop fastener so it can fit comfortably on your hand.
    Picture of Face Brush - 1 each

    P. Jentschura

    Face Brush - 1 each

    Complete your natural body care routine by using Dr. Jentschura's Face Brush. Made from beech plywood, this brush has very soft bristles and will help wake you up in the morning, or relax in the evening as it massages your cheeks.
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