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    Picture of Rescue Night Liquid Melts - 28 capsules


    Rescue Night Liquid Melts - 28 capsules

    When you're lying awake in bed, struggling to sleep, it might seem like your mind can't stop running. Try to interrupt it with Bach's Rescue Night Liquid Melts. This flower essence remedy contains white chestnut, which is traditionally used to help clear your mind of repetitive thoughts.
    Picture of Calms Forté Sleep Aid - 100 tablets


    Calms Forté Sleep Aid - 100 tablets

    If you spend your nights tossing and turning, get a better rest with Hyland's Calms Forté Sleep Aid. The homeopathic medicine in these tablets temporarily relieves symptoms of simple nervous tension and occasional sleeplessness.
    Picture of Sedatil - 60 tablets


    Sedatil - 60 tablets

    Stress happens to everyone. When it happens to you, consider trying Boiron's Sedatil. This homeopathic medicine is designed to relieve nervousness, hypersensitivity and irritability due to moments of stress.
    Picture of Biochemic Phosphates - 500 tablets


    Biochemic Phosphates - 500 tablets

    When you're stressed or anxious, it could be because your body lacks key minerals needed to keep it healthy. Check out Hyland's Bioplasma Phosphates. These tablets contain all five phosphate cell salts that help bring balance to your body.
    Picture of Tissue Salts Insomnia Comb A - 125 tablets


    Tissue Salts Insomnia Comb A - 125 tablets

    If cramps are preventing you from getting the restful sleep you deserve, try Schuessler's Insomnia Comb A Tissue Salts. This homeopathic medicine is used for temporary relief of restless sleep due to muscle cramps, sciatica or inflammation.
    Picture of Sleep - 100 tablets


    Sleep - 100 tablets

    If you're spending more time dreaming of sleep than you are actually dreaming, try to remedy your insomnia with Hyland's Sleep. These tablets contain a homeopathic remedy for temporary relief of symptoms of insomnia and restlessness.
    Picture of Nerve Tonic - 50 tablets
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