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    Picture of Bouillon Cubes - Vegetable Low Sodium 6 cubes - 60 g

    Harvest Sun

    Bouillon Cubes - Vegetable Low Sodium 6 cubes - 60 g

    Ensure your next meal is full of flavour with Harvest Sun’s Bouillon Cubes. These perfectly flavoured cubes are made using organic ingredients grown with sustainable farming practices. They contain only non-GMO ingredients.
    Picture of Soups - Lentil - 398 ml


    Soups - Lentil - 398 ml

    Amy’s Organic Soups delivers a gluten free lentil soup that’s so good it will make your toes curl. Picky eater-approved, this soup has a rich, satisfying flavour, along with enough protein to keep you going for hours. It’s perfect for the lentil-loving vegan in your family.
    Picture of Broth - Free Range Chicken Low Sodium - 4 x 236 ml


    Broth - Free Range Chicken Low Sodium - 4 x 236 ml

    Frequently used as a base for soups and pasta dishes, Pacific's Organic Low Sodium Free Range Chicken Broth contains the perfect amount of chicken, sea salt, and seasonings to give your next gluten free, low-fat dish a burst of extra flavour.
    Picture of Soup - Creamy Butternut Squash - 1 L


    Soup - Creamy Butternut Squash - 1 L

    This flavourful and creamy soup is slowly simmered to bring out the butternut squash's natural sweetness and smooth texture. Spiced with ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg, this delicious soup is the perfect gluten free and vegan meal to indulge in after a chilly walk home.
    Picture of Soups - Split Pea - 398 ml


    Soups - Split Pea - 398 ml

    Taste the delicate flavours of basil, garlic and bay leaf in this traditional soup. Made with split peas and a handful of delicious vegetables, this gluten free soup is the perfect accompaniment to a lovely afternoon snack or a great supper.
    Picture of Rice Ramen - Jade Pearl - 283 g

    Lotus Foods

    Rice Ramen - Jade Pearl - 283 g

    Craving ramen? Then try Lotus Foods' Rice Ramen. The noodles in this ramen are made using one of Lotus Foods' signature grains of rice instead of wheat. It cooks in just 4 minutes, and all you need to do to complete the meal is add your favourite veggies.
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    Picture of Soups - Alphabet - 398 ml


    Soups - Alphabet - 398 ml

    Help your children spell out their favourite words in this nourishing soup made of organic tomatoes, hearty vegetables and alphabet pasta. Vegan-friendly and kosher, Amy’s Organic Alphabet Soup is great on a rainy day, or just as a quick meal between play dates.
    Picture of Soups - Mushroom Bisque with Porcini - 397 ml


    Soups - Mushroom Bisque with Porcini - 397 ml

    A classic mushroom bisque made with organic veggies, organic Italian Arborio rice, organic cream, and wild-crafted porcini mushrooms. Cozy up with this creamy, gluten free and kosher soup. As a bonus, not only does this soup taste great on its own, it’s perfect when mixed into your favourite casserole.
    Picture of Medium Chili - 398 ml


    Medium Chili - 398 ml

    Enjoy the savoury flavours of Amy’s Medium Chili. Organic red beans and tofu are simmered in a thick and flavourful Mexican-style broth. This gluten free, vegan chili is perfect for those who love that bold southwest taste but could do without the extra heat.
    Picture of Soups - Lentil Vegetable - 398 ml


    Soups - Lentil Vegetable - 398 ml

    This hearty, lentil-based soup is perfect for the gluten free members of your family. Sweet organic carrots, delicious vegetables, tender green beans and vine-ripened tomatoes all come together to make Amy’s Organic Lentil Vegetable Soup a fan-favourite at houses throughout Canada.
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